Excellence Award Winner

Susan Gitau - Kenya

Susan Gitau is a certified addiction counsellor with 18 years of experience working with the government of Kenya and the private sector. Susan

  • Susan is one of the first female practitioners in relation to treatment and prevention for substance use disorders in Kenya 
  • She has been at the fore front in prevention activities through sensitisations, trainings and workshops in schools, churches, organisations in Kenya
  • Founder and Director of Elewa Ulevii - Awareness and treatment programmes, establishing support mechanisms (peer counselling and mentoring programmes)
  • Involved in alcohol and substance use counselling, the development of substance use awareness programmes, testing, assessment and treatment planning, trauma support and stress management with adolescents, and sensitisation on substances use at schools, universities, churches and homes


  • Bachelor in Counselling Psychology - Pan African Christian University, Kenya
  • Graduated as a Nurse at Kenya Medical Training Centre, Kisii, in 1989
  • Certified Senior Consultant by the National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA)
  • International Certified Addiction Professional III