Networks Moderator Guide

Networks are online defined interest groups that allow health networks symbolcare professionals, researchers, practitioners and others working in the drug demand reduction field to share research, events, news, success stories, resources and information relevant to the substance use prevention, treatment and recovery field in a virtual setting.

There are three types of networks:

  • Self-organising interest groups: These are publicly browsable networks. They are a space for ISSUP members to share and discuss aspects of their work. Anyone can create or join one of these networks.
  • Organised private groups: These are invitation-only and provide a space where identified individuals can share ideas and resources regarding a specific issue within a particular group.
  • Geographic regions: Members are automatically joined into their regional network.

How to use the networks?

  • To join a network, and contribute towards the information within the network and view private networks ISSUP members must be logged in.
  • Members will see a list of networks that have already been created. They can browse the networks and see if any of them are on subjects they are interested in. They can select the networks they would like to join.
how to join


  • They can start new discussions, and contribute research, resources, images or events using the purple buttons at the left-hand side of the page.
Prevention network


  • To view what other people have contributed or search within the network members use the links along the top.
co-occuring disorders network
  • Network members can opt to receive an email notification when people comment on a post that they have created by clicking the purple wheel in the top menu.
  • Network members can opt to receive a weekly email containing items published to their networks in the last week by clicking the purple wheel in the top menu.
networks configuration

Can anyone be a member of the networks even if they are not members of ISSUP?

  • No, non-members can only view network content.
  • To post to a network or comment on posts, they must be ISSUP members.

How to create a network?

  • If members have a particular interest or subject that is not covered by the current networks, they can create a new network. Click Create Network on the main networks page.
create a network

Network moderator role:

  • The creator of a network is automatically a moderator. The main role of the moderator is to be visible and lead discussion.
alcohol network
  • In addition to promoting discussion, moderators are able to:
  • Delete inappropriate content as well as remove comments and posts that are not relevant to their network
  • Add and remove people to/from the network
  • Make other people moderators. Moderators can promote network members to moderators via the list of members. Click See all to open in a popup:network member list