ISSUP Brazil Launch

ISSUP Brazil was formally launched at the 5th Freemind International Congress that took place in São Paulo, Brazil from September 19 to 22, 2018. Around 1500 national and international experts in substance use prevention, treatment and recovery participated in lectures and panel discussions. ISSUP Brazil was born out of the perceived need to create a focal point that brings together the many institutions, practitioners and volunteers working very hard, but often remotely, in the drug demand reduction field across the country.

In partnership with Freemind Mobilization, the development of an ISSUP National Chapter has helped to create a network where individuals in Brazil, with extensive experience and expertise, can share ideas, research and evidence-based practice related to prevention, treatment and recovery services.

In addition, the development of ISSUP Brazil supports the professionalisation of services by holding annual and regional events and providing opportunities to deliver high quality training.

A United Board of Directors, formed by members of local organisations and institutions brought together by the National Chapter, represents Brazil on the national and international level, providing further opportunities to share ideas with like-minded professionals from around the world.

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Upon joining as a member, individuals will become a part of a welcoming network of professionals with a common goal. They will have access to the latest innovative research in the field of substance use prevention and treatment, as well as receive other benefits.

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