Launch of the New ISSUP Networks Design

We are incredibly excited to reveal the new design for the ISSUP Networks!

The website team are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience of all individuals visiting the site.

Networks are designed to allow members to communicate with one another and share ideas, research and resources. It is hoped that the new ISSUP Networks will make it easier for members to navigate between the different interest groups and see the range of networks available.

To explore the different networks that have already been created, click on one of the categories to see the related networks. You can then view or join the group you are interested in.

If you feel there is not a network out there that covers your interest, why not create your own network!

If you would like to read more about what networks are and how to use them, we have created a number of website guides that will help you explore the different groups, and share information with other professionals in the field. 

We look forward to your posts and contributions!

We are always keen to receive feedback about our website. Please share your comments and questions about the new Networks design. 

Happy networking!