National Chapter Advisory Committee Established

At the end of September ISSUP organised its first National Chapters Advisory Committee Meeting. This meeting was possible after the set-up of the National Chapter Advisory Committee. This newly formed Committee plays an important role in the development and expansion of National Chapters in the different regions where ISSUP undertakes its work on helping drug demand professionals gain access to knowledge and evidence-based practices through ISSUP membership.

This Committee will serve as an avenue for addressing issues or challenges which face National Chapters within ISSUP including research collaboration, partnerships development, training, etc. It is hoped that the Committee will be able to come together and focus on these issues and make recommendations to consider when making decisions on the development and future of ISSUP in relation to National Chapters.

Efforts were made to recruit National Chapter Advisory Committee Members from different National Chapters who have experience and knowledge of ISSUP, drug demand reduction and the day-to-day work of National Chapters. ISSUP warmly welcomes the Advisory Committee members:

Roberto Canay (ISSUP Argentina)

Samuel Bettiol (ISSUP Brazil)

Rachele Donini (ISSUP Italy)

Anthony AbiZeid (ISSUP Lebanon)

Bolanle Adeyemi Ola (ISSUP Nigeria

Roger Weimann (ISSUP South Africa)

Maryam Al Awadhi (ISSUP UAE)

The meeting which took place in September was the first meeting which brought the newly selected Committee members together to discuss crucial challenges pertaining to National Chapters. The plan moving forward is for the Committee to meet a few times in a year. ISSUP is excited for this Committee and would like to thank those who have accepted the roles and we look forward to working together.