ISSUP at the First ISAM Francophone Hybrid Regional Meeting in Beirut, Lebanon

We are pleased to share that ISSUP actively participated in the first ISAM Francophone Hybrid Regional Meeting held on June 23, 2023, at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon. The conference, titled "Addiction Medicine: Facing the Challenges of Traumatic Environmental Conditions," provided a platform to address critical issues in the substance use field.

ISAM, the International Society of Addiction Medicine, organised this landmark Francophone Meeting as a testament to its commitment to inclusion, diversity, and partnership. The initiative aimed to address the real needs of individuals, communities, and health systems by engaging closely with professionals on the ground.

Beirut, a city that has endured the scars of war, the devastating explosion at its port, migration crises at its borders, and one of the world's most severe economic downturns, was deliberately chosen as the venue. By situating the conference in Beirut, ISAM aimed to confront the challenges posed by traumatic environments directly. Beirut symbolises resilience and boasts a rich cultural heritage. Despite the hardships, it remains a city of celebration and joy. Through the active participation of attendees, the conference aimed to deliver a universal message of renewal and creativity to the world.

During the conference, Ms. Rasha Abi Hana, the Scientific Support Coordinator at ISSUP, presented a session titled "Exploring New Horizons: ISSUP's Contributions to the Substance Use Field's Transcendent Future." This presentation highlighted the work and future-oriented approach of ISSUP in the substance use field.

Furthermore, our National Chapter in Lebanon, represented by Mentor Arabia through their Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Bechara Ghaoui, showcased ISSUP's activities in Lebanon through their partnership with Mentor. They also addressed the theme of "Innovation in Early Childhood Care and Education."

ISAM's first Francophone Hybrid Regional Meeting provided an invaluable platform for professionals to come together, exchange knowledge, and address the challenges faced in addiction medicine. ISSUP's active participation, alongside the dedication of the ISAM organisers and all participants, demonstrated our shared commitment to advancing the field and fostering innovative approaches.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the ISAM organisers and all participants for their invaluable contributions to this significant event. Together, we strive to make a positive impact and contribute to the field's transcendent future.