11th European Public Health Conference

Ljubljana, Slovenia,

The theme for the 11th EPH Conference is 'Winds of change: Towards new ways of improving public health in Europe'. Public health is faced with new challenges to improve population health in Europe. Health care alone cannot accomplish this immense task. At the Ljubljana conference, we will explore the significance of creating partnerships across all levels and sectors. Partnerships are especially relevant in the local community, where people live and work. Decision makers, professionals from different sectors and nongovernmental organizations should all work together in achieving better health for all. Subthemes of the conference are:

  • Public health: From local community's responses to addressing global health
  • Sustainable Development Goals - how can we address them through public health action? 
  • Public Health Resources - the core of the development of public health action
  • Public's awareness of public health challenges - ways of promoting public health and raising the importance of public health challenges
  • Health systems under pressure
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