EMCDDA webinar: Displaced people and EU preparedness — lessons from Ukraine


Objective: to understand the short- and long-term responses of drug services to a major flux of displaced people and the related challenges.

Background: COVID-19 has raised attention in Europe, and globally, on the importance of monitoring preparedness towards potential emergencies.

Europe was again put to test with the start of the war in Ukraine. The massive flux of displaced people challenged the health services in Ukraine, in its neighbouring countries as well as in the rest of Europe.

The EMCDDA published a preliminary Trendspotter study in July 2022 to investigate the overall situation (an update is planned for 2023).

In this webinar we would like to highlight both sides of the coin: the challenges of a country at war and the responses implemented by the receiving countries.

The participation of experts based in Ukraine is confirmed although we need to be prepared for possible a black-out during the webinar.

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