World Federation of Therapeutic Communities Conference 2022

New Delhi, India,

WFTC is pleased to announce our 28th World Conference scheduled to be held in New Delhi, India, December 2-4, 2022. The 28th World Conference is being organized in partnership with the distinguished SPYM (Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses) along with generous support from the central Government of India.

The scientific program builds upon the strategic work undertaken by the WFTC, which includes promulgating evidence-based, research-supported methods, clinically appropriate interventions, and culturally sensitive services that consistently promote individual and collective dignity among participants. The conference's theme, "A View Towards The Future," continues the Genoa Institute (2010) and the Mallorca Declaration of 2016, emphasizing the Therapeutic Community model from policy to practice, including research, standards of care, and a strong code of ethics.

Nothing could be more important or timely at this point. The conference program intends to bridge the knowledge gap between practice methods and clinical developments, including demonstrating the international and cultural diversity of the therapeutic community to advance understanding of science-based competence in relevant dimensions of treatment and to re-affirm practices that increase access, and retention, effectiveness, and positive participant outcomes.


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