Recovery Rejuvenation Camp with training on Recovery Coach

Mangalore, India,
Relapse Prevention Camp & Training on Recovery Coach
Recovery Rejuvenation Camp with training on Recovery Coach

Ecolink Institute of well-being, an ISSUP award-winning training institute, and clinical center is hosting a residential "Recovery Rejuvenation Camp" culminating with a certificate training on Recovery Coach in Mangalore, India from February 1, 2023. 

“Ecolink Recovery Rejuvenation and Relapse Prevention Camp” is a unique combination of experiencing a qualitative recovery for oneself and training to be a ‘Recovery Coach. Every person who graduates from our recovery program also gets trained in “Recovery Coaching”, based on an international syllabus developed by the Colombo Plan and the US Department of State. The certificate course will empower the participant to be an employable Recovery Coach with certification who can also apply to GCCC for RC credentialing. 

The residential camp offers holistic therapy for recovery maintenance, relapse prevention, improved health, wellness, and quality of life with a certification to work as a recovery coach to reach out to others with SUD. 

Experience recovery and rejuvenation at the comfort of Nature, Indian Yoga & Ayurveda with personalized care… Make your Recovery journey an enjoyable retreat in India!

Situated at the Pilikula national park with spectacular views from a mountain top, overlooking the Phalguni River, golf grounds, and a lakeside park, this serine, silent and spacious land of greens and meadows, just 15 minutes drive from the Mangalore airport awaits you. For details and registration, 

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