Wellness in Recovery: Reading List

Reading List
The journey of recovery from substance use and mental health challenges is a profound and transformative experience. The effective integration of wellness into recovery services across care systems stands as a pivotal element in addressing substance misuse and its associated consequences. Wellness, with its holistic approach, holds great promise for enhancing the overall recovery experience and improving outcomes.

Health & Wellness in Recovery: Programs & Topics

The American Addictions Centers provide insights into how a healthy diet and exercise can enhance overall health and recovery. This resource offers an overview of the root of addiction and how to overcome it through healthy life habits...

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Leaflet, Infographic, Fact sheet, Poster
SAMHSA explains the concept of wellness, encompassing physical and mental health. This resource elaborates on the eight dimensions of wellness that cover various aspects of modern-day life, highlighting the interconnection between physical...

Emotional Wellness in Recovery Guide

Emotional wellness is a cornerstone of the recovery process. The American Addictions Centers explained in this short guidance how to use mindfulness therapy and other techniques to help individuals overcome negative thinking, leading to a...

Journey to Wellness Guide

Longtime wellness expert and creator of the 8 Dimensions of Health Dr. Peggy Swarbrick has published a new tool- a Journey to Wellness Guide. This Journey to Wellness Guide is designed to help people find new ideas to use to begin or...

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