International Recovery Symposium 2023

Kuching, Malaysia,

Experience the the world's first international recovery symposium in Borneo.

Interact with and gain insights from international healthcare professionals including professors, doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mental health counselors, caregivers, and researchers in the field of addiction therapy and recovery, behavioral health, psychiatry, and drug demand reduction.

When: Sep 18-21, 2023

Recovery 101

Created by
Recovery Research Institute

Recovery from a substance use disorder is defined as a process of improved physical, psychological, and social well-being and health after having suffered from a substance-related condition.

The recovery research institute has put together a collection of resources that defines and explores the pathways to recovery.

Recovery Pathways Online Course

Created by
University of Derby

This online course introduces the science of addiction recovery and looks at the evidence on recovery pathways in Europe.

Recovery Pathways has a particular focus on gender differences in how people recover and what happens at different stages of recovery.

The course provides an insight into what we know about addiction recovery and how the European REC-PATH study has contributed to that knowledge.

Current Scientific Evidence About Mutual Help Groups


This presentation summarizes the current evidence about the effectiveness of mutual help groups and the mechanisms of action in these groups, including AA, SMART, LifeRing, and WFS. AA is comparably effective to well-implemented CBT. The evidence so far suggests that the other groups are comparably effective to AA. Further studies are in progress.

Peer Recovery Support Series, Part 1: A Beginner's Guide to Coaching Recovery


What if a simple conversation could help someone take that first step toward recovery? CCAR, the developer of the most widely used and trusted curriculum for recovery coaches across the globe, has created a Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Recovery – an introductory class to help initiate and navigate a conversation with someone struggling with substance use.

Recovery Rejuvenation Camp with training on Recovery Coach

Mangalore, India,

Ecolink Institute of well-being, an ISSUP award-winning training institute, and clinical center is hosting a residential "Recovery Rejuvenation Camp" culminating with a certificate training on Recovery Coach in Mangalore, India from February 1, 2023.