Recovery Community Centers: Characteristics of New Attendees and Longitudinal Investigation of the Predictors and Effects of Participation

Kelly, J. F., Fallah-Sohy, N., Cristello, J., Stout, R. L., Jason, L. A., & Hoeppner, B. B. (2021). Recovery community centers: Characteristics of new attendees and longitudinal investigation of the predictors and effects of participation. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 124, 108287.
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Recovery community centers (RCCs) have expanded across the U.S., serving as social “recovery hubs” that increase recovery capital (e.g., employment, housing) by providing resources that clinical care does not provide. While research supports RCCs' general utility, little is known about new participants' characteristics, predictors of engagement, services used, and benefits derived.

The Lived Experiences of Recovering Filipino Persons who Use Drugs (PWUDS) without Family Support

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The Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Use
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The Philippines’s war on drugs brought about an influx or people of who use drugs (PWUDs) availing of community-based drug rehabilitation services for treatment. Programs have been created to develop skills to avoid relapse and improve family relations and support throughout the recovery process. However, not all Filipino PWUDs have the immediate presence or active participation of their families.

Online Training on Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) for Addiction Professionals

Mangalore, India (Online Live sessions), India,

Ecolink Institute, India has been a Pioneer in providing Online Course on Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professionals in patronship with the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme successfully. Ecolink is an Approved Training Provider of the Colombo Plan and have been already running two batches of students from over 10 countries.

Holiday Stress

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The holidays may be especially tough this year for a lot of people during the pandemic. Many people in recovery may have a setback and use substances increasing their risk for self-harm. Reach out and #BeThe1To to help someone in emotional pain. We can all take action and make an impact on someone’s life.

Drug and Alcohol Related Mortality - Looking Beyond the Statistics


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In October the Office for National Statistics published the latest statistics for drug-related deaths in 2019, showing – yet again – a record year in almost a decade of increasing deaths and an appalling picture of human loss and suffering. 

Sex and Gender Effects in Recovery From Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Research. 2020;40(3):03.
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The current article provides a summary of biopsychosocial gender differences in alcohol use disorder (AUD), then reviews existing literature on gender differences in treatment access, retention, outcomes, and longer-term recovery. Among psychotherapies for AUD, there is support for the efficacy of providing female-specific treatment and for female-only treatment settings, but only when female-specific treatment is included.