Implementation Research Scientific Conference

Bilbao, Spain,


The purpose of this conference is to disseminate the fundamentals of Implementation Research among national and international health care services managers and researchers, and especially among the RICAPPS and Osakidetza partners, to foster implementation research and to generate new implementation research projects to be developed. 

Participants in this conference will be given the sufficient theoretical and methodological grounding to promote the use of theories, models, theoretical frameworks and specific research methodologies developed within the field of Implementation Science.

Who is it for?

The Implementation Research Scientific Conference is aimed at managers and researchers in national and international health services. Individuals or organisations dedicated to or interested in translating, adopting and implementing evidence into clinical practice and health service policies.


  • Define implementation research as a field distinct from, but complementary to, clinical and health services research.

  • Understand what implementation strategies are and the fundamentals of implementation research. 

  • Use theoretical models and implementation frameworks to design effective strategies to support implementation of proven interventions.

  • Identify the different approaches used to design and evaluate implementation strategies.

Tags (Keywords)

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