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Drug prevention approaches range from those that target society as a whole (environmental and universal prevention) to interventions focusing on at-risk individuals (indicated prevention).

The main challenges are in matching these different strategies to target groups and contexts and ensuring that they are evidence-based and have sufficient population coverage.

Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood

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This guide, intended for parents, practitioners, and policymakers, begins with a list of 7 principles addressing the specific ways in which early interventions can have positive effects on development; these principles reflect findings on the influence of intervening early with vulnerable populations on the course of child development and on common elements of successful early childhood programs.

European Drugs Winter School 2023


Illicit drugs in Europe: demand, supply and public policies

Special Focus on Displaced Populations and Drug Related Issues

Our two week online Winter School (13th to 24th of February 2023) prepares professionals and students to meet the complex policy challenges that face Europe and the World in the field of drugs.

Youth Assessment Tool

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This assessment tool can be used by any health and social services and programs that serve young people, including substance use services, mental health services, youth treatment services, harm reduction services, youth shelters, community health centres, social services, hospitals, emergency departments, etc.

What the assessment tool can provide

This tool can help your organisation or program identify:

Correction: Interdisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of alcohol use disorders in a general hospital department: a mixed-method study

Kools, N., Dekker, G.G., Kaijen, B.A.P. et al. Correction: Interdisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of alcohol use disorders in a general hospital department: a mixed-method study. Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy 17, 64 (2022).
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Interdisciplinary collaborations (i.e., where various disciplines work coordinated and interdependently toward shared goals) are stated to yield higher team effectiveness than multidisciplinary approaches (i.e., where various disciplines work in parallel within their professional boundaries) in somatic health care settings.

Civil Society Consultation - UNODC Synthetic Drug Strategy

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