Strengthening Coalition Collaboration with Funding Sources


Time: 5PM Eastern Time

In this presentation, we delve into the critical aspects of fostering long-term sustainable collaborations. We will explore strategies aimed at fostering enduring partnerships and effective communication channels to ensure the longevity of collaborative efforts. Moreover, we will discuss the importance of identifying the appropriate audience and timing for sharing the narrative of our coalition’s mission and accomplishments. By maximizing impact and engagement through strategic storytelling, we can amplify our reach and influence within the community. Furthermore, we will address the crucial task of identifying key stakeholders within the community who possess the potential to significantly contribute to advancing our coalition’s objectives. Understanding how to engage and collaborate with these stakeholders is essential for achieving our collective goals. Lastly, we will navigate the post-funding landscape, discussing the steps to take after securing financial support. This includes knowing whom to approach for guidance and which questions to pose to optimize project progress. By mastering these elements, we can ensure that our collaborative efforts are not only sustained but also thrive in achieving meaningful impact.

  1. Identifying Potential Community Partners to Advance Coalition Initiatives
  2. Establishing Effective Communication Channels with Partners for Sustainable Collaborations
  3. How To Tell Your Coalition Story
  4. How To Connect With Your Funding Sources
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