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What Are The Five Stages Of Change?- A Blog Dedicated to Educate the Families of people with Addiction

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Cathy Taughinbaugh
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The blog is a rich source of learning.

You may read the information at your pace.

Share with the clients and their families to equip themselves with the simple strategies to take steps towards more recovery and less relapse.




Dr. Nazish Idrees Chaudhary, PhD., M.S., M.Sc., B.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)

Recovery 101

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Recovery Research Institute

Recovery from a substance use disorder is defined as a process of improved physical, psychological, and social well-being and health after having suffered from a substance-related condition.

The recovery research institute has put together a collection of resources that defines and explores the pathways to recovery.

Kursus Online Jalur Pemulihan

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University of Derby

Kursus online ini memperkenalkan ilmu pemulihan kecanduan dan melihat bukti tentang jalur pemulihan di Eropa.

Jalur Pemulihan memiliki fokus khusus pada perbedaan gender dalam bagaimana orang pulih dan apa yang terjadi pada berbagai tahap pemulihan.

Kursus ini memberikan wawasan tentang apa yang kita ketahui tentang pemulihan kecanduan dan bagaimana studi REC-PATH Eropa telah berkontribusi pada pengetahuan itu.

Prevention Topics Page

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Drug prevention approaches range from those that target society as a whole (environmental and universal prevention) to interventions focusing on at-risk individuals (indicated prevention).

The main challenges are in matching these different strategies to target groups and contexts and ensuring that they are evidence-based and have sufficient population coverage.

Barometer Budaya Perawatan

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Kings College London

Budaya organisasi adalah kumpulan nilai, harapan, dan praktik yang membentuk perasaan dan tindakan keseluruhan di antara anggota staf. 

Culture of Care Barometer dirancang untuk membantu organisasi mengukur budaya perawatan yang mereka berikan dan mengeksplorasi area tertentu dari lingkungan kerja secara lebih mendalam.

Edit Kehamilan

Created by
Society for the Study on Addiction

The Society for the Study on Addiction (SSA) Pregnancy Edit adalah serangkaian artikel tentang bahaya terkait alkohol pada kehamilan, yang diterbitkan di situs web Society for the Study of Addiction pada bulan September 2021.

Topik yang dibahas meliputi:

Alat Evaluasi Gratis Baru dari Pencegahan Plus Kesehatan

Created by
Chudley Edward Werch, PhD
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Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) telah memperbarui program gratis mereka Pretest and Posttest Surveys and Fidelity Checklist untuk digunakan oleh penyedia pencegahan untuk memastikan program mereka dilaksanakan dengan andal dan menghasilkan hasil positif bagi kaum muda yang berpartisipasi.

Selain itu, Ppw Pretest dan Posttest Survey tersedia baik secara online maupun dalam format kertas.

‘Externalising questions in relation to Addictive Thinking’

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Dulwich Centre

Externalising question in relation to Addictive Thinking (Self)

  • How does addictive thinking get you to use more than you intended to?
  • What are some things that give addictive thinking more space?
  • How does addictive thinking get you to use during times when you don’t want to?
  • Does addictive thinking get you to believe that you are not in danger when in fact you are?
  • Does addictive thinking

Substance use and the workplace: Supporting employers and employees in the trades

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The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction partnered with Health Canada to produce Substance Use and the Workplace: Supporting Employers and Employees in the Trades.

This collection of resources contains links from more than 30 organisations and can be used by employers and employees to help reduce the harms of substance use for Canadians, particularly those working in construction and the trades. 

Take-home naloxone

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Opioid overdose deaths can be prevented through timely administration of naloxone, a potent opioid antagonist drug that rapidly reverses the effects of opioid analgesics by binding to the opioid receptors in the central nervous system.

Because of its effectiveness, naloxone is used by emergency personnel worldwide.

Website on new psychoactive substances

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Aleksey Lakhov
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The web resource is divided into five sections: "Substances", "Prevention", "Resources", "Practice" and "Get Help". The Resources section contains videos on HIV prevention among people who use stimulants/NPS. This section also includes thematic guidelines and technical guides publications by UNODC, WHO and UNAIDS.