Avoidance, Anxiety Towards Parents, and Self-Acceptance of Adolescents in the System of Higher Secondary Education


A close relationship between a parent and a child and parental acceptance can mediate the appropriate self-acceptance of an adolescent, which is an important variable related to personality and a pillar of emotional health. In the paper we present the conclusions of a research study about the quality of the attachment towards parents and self-acceptance of adolescents at Czech secondary schools.


The aim of the study was the exploration of the relation between the attachment style and self-acceptance.


The research sample consists of 3,239 adolescents aged 15–19 in the system of higher secondary education.


As the research methods we used the Unconditional SelfAcceptance Questionnaire and Relationship Structures Questionnaire.


We assumed that higher avoidance and anxiety towards the parent are closely related to the reduction of self-acceptance. The results confirm the assumption about the strong relation between the attachment composed of avoidance and anxiety and low self-acceptance of adolescents.


In relation to the optimal individual development of adolescents we recommend the closeness of the parent-child relationship and parental acceptance, which can mediate the appropriate self-acceptance of adolescents.

Banárová, K., Čerešník, M., & Pipová, H. (2022). Avoidance, anxiety towards parents, and self-acceptance of adolescents in the system of higher secondary education. Adiktologie, 22(2), 82–93. https://doi.org/10.35198/01-2022-002-0001
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