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| Dobrovolná, K., Kulhánek, A., & Orlíková, B. (2022). Patterns of heated tobacco product use among Czech adult tobacco users in 2020: An online survey. Adiktologie, 22(2), 94–101.
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Patterns of Heated Tobacco Product Use Among Czech Adult Tobacco Users in 2020: An Online Survey


Heated tobacco products represent a new phenomenon, called novel tobacco products, and one that is not unique to the Czech market. These are electronic tobacco heating and aerosol-producing devices. Although studies on the prevalence of heated tobacco use are already available, patterns of use have not yet been sufficiently mapped.


The aim of this article is to map and describe the patterns of heated tobacco use among adult tobacco users in the Czech Republic.


The study was conducted in the form of an online survey. Respondents were recruited through selected online channels dealing with tobacco product use and then included in the study on the basis of previously defined criteria. The research sample comprised 198 people (68% female, average age 31.4 years). The data was analysed in R 4.02 and MS Excel with descriptive statistics and control analyses.


Heated tobacco users are predominantly former smokers of combustible cigarettes in the young adult age group. Only 3% of them have had no previous experience with smoking tobacco products. For 25% of the respondents, the smoking of cigarettes has decreased after switching to heated tobacco, one-fifth of the respondents smoke the same number of cigarettes as before, and for 4% the consumption has increased. The main motives for using heated tobacco products included the absence of the smell of cigarette smoke (80%) and the subjective perception of lower harmfulness (65.7%), as well as the fact that heated tobacco is allowed to be used in restaurants (52.5%). The largest proportion of the respondents consume half to one pack of tobacco sticks per day (average 12.77 tobacco sticks). The respondents use heated tobacco most frequently at home, when drinking coffee or alcohol, and when with their friends.


The use of heated tobacco products is linked to the lifestyle of users. Further studies on heated tobacco use patterns may help to map this phenomenon and to set up suitable tobacco control measures.

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