Issue 4/2021

Academic Education and Training Programs on Addictions

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

When we met in Honolulu (USA) in 2016, hardly anybody thought that our idea conceived there within a small group of various university representatives could meet with such a wide response. Although the idea came to life in a rather informal atmosphere, we were all quite earnest about it, as can be seen, after all, in the photograph. We were all simply thrilled about establishing a consortium and the notion of universities educating drug demand reduction professionals being able to strike up a closer liaison and learn from and help each other found common ground among all of us. The following years clearly showed that the decision was not only right in objective terms, but, importantly, that a large number of our colleagues around the world share similar ideas. The growth in participation in our annual conference and various other meetings, as well as the growth in membership, made it plain to see that we had identified a need.

Evidence-based principles for effective drug demand reduction: applying theory to practice

Jeff Lee
Between December 8 and 10, 2021, ISSUP’s International (virtual) Conference took place to address the issues surrounding translating the theory and research with respect to an evidence-based approach to prevention, treatment and recovery support. The conference tackled its application to international practice of drug demand reduction.

Apply for ISSUP Abu Dhabi 2022 In-Person Training Courses

The next ISSUP International Workshop and Conference, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 11th–16th of May 2022, provides an opportunity to participate in a range of in-person training courses provided by Colombo Plan and OAS-CICAD.

Learn with the UTC Online Curriculum

We are excited to have Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Courses available online in a self-led format. Developed by our partners at The Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC), the courses are ideal for anyone who cannot attend face-to-face trainings due to location or time constraints. UTC self-led courses prepare counsellors for professional certification at the entry level by providing the latest information about substance use disorders (SUDs) and their treatment through activities designed to develop skills, confidence, and competence.
Training Needs Assessment of Specialists Who Provide Care to People with Substance Use Disorders in Ukraine
Yachnik, Y., Pinchuk, I., Myshakivska, O., Pinchuk, A., Boltonosov, S., Pievskaya, J., Gluzman, S., Korol, I., & Johnson, K. (2021). Training needs assessment of specialists who provide care to people with substance use disorders in Ukraine. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 239–249.
Supporting Emergency Remote Teaching Due to Coronavirus Pandemic: Problem Solving Group at ICUDDR
Henriques, S., & Hopkins Eyles, C. (2021). Supporting emergency remote teaching due to coronavirus pandemic: Problem Solving Group at ICUDDR. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 211–218.
Developing Curriculum for the Training of Non-Specialist in Addiction Studies in Nigerian Universities: The Journey of Nigerian ICUDDR Team
Ola, B. A., Olibamoyo, O., Audu, M., Ezenwa, M., Goar, S. G., Auwal, S., Orjiakor, T. C., & Agwogie, M. (2021). Developing curriculum for the training of non-specialist in addiction studies in Nigerian universities: The journey of Nigerian ICUDDR team. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 251–259.
Implementing and Evaluating the UPC to Promote Capacity Building among Drug Demand Reduction Practitioners in Nigeria: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Agwogie, M. O., & Bryant, N. (2021). Implementing and evaluating the UPC to promote capacity building among drug demand reduction practitioners in Nigeria: Lessons learned and future directions. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 219–228.
The Master’s in Drug Dependence at the University of Barcelona: Historical Perspective and Future Challenges
Ferrer, X., Sierra, E., Solanas, A., Amatller, O., Aspa, J., Ovejero, M., & Calvo, F. (2021). The Master’s in Drug Dependence at the University of Barcelona: Historical perspective and future challenges. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 229–237.
New Trends in Education and Training Programs in Addictions at the Higher Education and University Levels
Miovsky, M., Volfova, A., Johnson, K., Peters, R., Koutsenok, I., Heaps, M., & Lososova, A. (2021). New trends in education and training programs in addictions at the higher education and university levels. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 201–209.

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