AddictologyIssue 4/2021
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Ola, B. A., Olibamoyo, O., Audu, M., Ezenwa, M., Goar, S. G., Auwal, S., Orjiakor, T. C., & Agwogie, M. (2021). Developing curriculum for the training of non-specialist in addiction studies in Nigerian universities: The journey of Nigerian ICUDDR team. Adiktologie, 21 (4), 251–259.
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Developing Curriculum for the Training of Non-Specialist in Addiction Studies in Nigerian Universities: The Journey of Nigerian ICUDDR Team


This article describes the need to develop a workforce to address the public health burden of drug use in Nigeria. Central to workforce development is the development and implementation of a substance use curriculum.


The authors present a review of the proposed curriculum for a multi-professional course in addiction currently being developed in four Nigerian universities. It also highlights the opportunities, partnerships formed, and lessons learned in the review process.


This case study is based on the results of research that included a desk review of multi-professional addiction studies course development in the education system. In addition, the study team reviewed the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) and Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC). In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were conducted with Nigerian stakeholders in the addiction treatment field.


This joint exercise raised awareness about the need to contextualise Western inputs into local realities and establish a theory-driven process for identifying barriers and opportunities that might arise in developing a Nigerian addiction studies curriculum. The study also provided an overview of the relationships and collaborative work amongst partnering institutions.


Through this activity, the study team proposes a blueprint curriculum for addiction studies in the Nigerian higher education system. The proposed curriculum was developed through evidence-based interdisciplinary efforts that involved the International Consortium of Universities in Drug Demand Reduction in accordance with the Bologna Declaration. 

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