Launch of 'Sobriety, Abstinence & Moderation' Research Cluster

With recent declines in drinking rates across parts of the world including Europe and Australia – particularly amongst younger people – and the rise of ‘positive sobriety’ movements, ‘dry months’ and online communities, further research into the lived experiences, representations and challenges of drinking moderately or not at all is timely and important. 

The Drinking Studies Network is launching a new cluster that will open a discussion about historic and contemporary drinking cultures.

Research within the cluster may focus on – but is not limited to – the following themes:

  • Historical trends, campaigns and movements around sobriety and abstinence including Temperance movements
  • Contemporary and historical lived experiences of non-drinkers, light drinkers and former drinkers
  • Recovery, treatment and support 
  • Representations through a time of sobriety, abstinence and moderation 
  • Changing drinking patterns over time and possible shifts in dominant drinking cultures
  • Marketing, advertising and the no or low alcohol drinks market
  • Public policy promoting moderation or abstinence