Scaife Medical Student Fellowship in Substance Use Disorders

With the generous support of the Scaife Family Foundation, the Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions (IRETA) is able to conduct this specialised program. 

The program offers medical students an intensive learning experience about addiction and its treatment far beyond anything they may have encountered in their prior medical school education or clinical rotations.

Program Philosophy

  • Because patients with addiction have historically been neglected and mistreated by the healthcare system, healthcare professionals have an ethical obligation to proactively learn to engage with and care for these patients.
  • When people of color, individuals experiencing homelessness, and other marginalized groups are affected by addiction, they have been disproportionately blamed, criminalized, and stigmatized. In response, health professionals should actively work to avoid placing blame, sanction, or stigma on members of marginalized groups with addiction.
  • Regardless of whether a patient has a goal of abstinence or any type of recovery, people with addiction deserve accessible, quality healthcare.
  • There are complex barriers to recovery on a societal level, and on an individual basis. Healthcare professionals should work to identify and remove these societal and individual barriers to recovery.
  • Healthcare professionals with knowledge and skills related to substance use disorder need to act as advocates by working to change attitudes and behaviors of their professional and academic peers.

IRETA is now accepting applications for the 2020 Scaife Fellowship!

The application period closes February 28, 2020.