Dealing with Feelings and Preventing Drug Use

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Dealing with Feelings and Preventing Drug Use

*By Claudemir dos Santos and Rodrigo Flaire

In another video of Prevent Always, Rodrigo Flaire – State Coordinator of Drug Policies of São Paulo – and Claudemir dos Santos – Technical Director of Prevention of COED-SP, talk about how to deal with our feelings and our emotions and how this is related to the theme of prevention of drug use.

Knowing how to deal with emotions

One of the main life skills, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) is knowing how to deal with emotions. And this has a very strong correlation with emotional intelligence.

Psychology studies the four basic emotions a lot: anger, joy, sadness and fear and it is a challenge to talk about it and, above all, it is challenging to know how to recognize them so that, only then, to be able to deal with it.

And one key thing is to take this responsibility. For example: if I'm angry, one must recognize that feeling angry is a normal feeling and not blame anyone for it.

Even if this anger was caused by some external factor, it is necessary to understand that i am the one who is feeling the anger, and then I am the one who needs to decide how I will deal with that feeling.

It is very important to have this maturity to understand what we are feeling and be responsible, after all the responsibility for my feelings is mine and not the other.

In addition to this self-awareness about our feelings, we must seek to understand the emotions of others, develop empathy and pass it on to our relationships.

But what does this have to do with drug prevention?

It's all about! Because when you can control your emotions and develop empathy for others, you start to relate better to other people.

This lowers your stress load, improves your well-being and you will probably be less likely to seek refuge, comfort or pleasure in drugs. You will enjoy your own relationships.

We also need to understand our emotions and use them so that they motivate us toward a goal.

So let's work our emotions to prevent always! Watch the video:

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