Putting a touch of Eternity into our lives

Father Haroldo Rahm lived and died at the age of 100 opening doors or building bridges to save lives. He was freemind's great inspiration and spiritual mentor. He left a legacy of living and written works that made him immortal. In his book "Every Day - 365 - Drugs - Prevention - Solutions" tells us about putting a touch of eternity in our life.

"There are moments, in the succession of hours and days, when life itself is made song... A silence. One word. A little gesture. A simple look or the timbre of the voice.

It's a letter or a phone call we got. The poetry of the rising sun or the nostalgia of the sunset. The wings of a butterfly, the smile of a child, the serenity of an adult, the patience of an elder.

The fragrant language of flowers. The phrase in a book. The tenderness of a song that touches our sensitivity or awakens in us old experiences. These are moments of indescribable simpleness that give us to drink a little sky, green and blue. The green of hope. The blue of infinite space. Flashes that are of eternity."

"Father, help me to desire forgiveness from You and to admit my mistake to those I have harmed. I beg you to eliminate my fear of doing so."

"Afraid of nothing! Only love!" And now, more than ever, to dear Father Harald, our eternal gratitude!