The danger of electronic cigarettes indoors

Dr. João Paulo Lotufo, friend and partner of Freemind and ISSUP Brazil, in his column on USP radio, tells us about the danger of electronic cigarettes indoors and warns that young Americans are the ones who consume the most, according to studies, and do not consider this consumption harmful.

But that's not true, since e-cigarette emissions are not harmless and calling them steam is purposely misleading. Although the smoky snags of the electronic cigarette are not exactly smoke, the term steam usually brings to mind an innocuous cloud of water.

A study published in the United States on the emission of vapor from electronic cigarettes shows that the subject is extremely worrying, endangering the lives of those who instill this vapor. Universities are the main target of researchers, since such type of product is inadvertently consumed on their campuses.

Electronic cigarettes have many dangerous organic compounds, such as nicotine, heavy metals, ultrafine particles, among others. The same study shows that young Americans are the ones who consume the most and already consider the situation as a public health epidemic. What's more, they are at great risk of contracting covid-19.

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