E-book: "Parents in Prevention" - volume 1

An E-book to support people to keep children and adolescents safe and free from problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

In an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic world, more and more people suffer pressures, stress and influence from the environment in which they live, many of these influences are real threats to people's well-being. Therefore, we see children and adolescents increasingly vulnerable and susceptible to adopting risky behaviors, including the use of alcohol and other drugs.

To support parents, mothers, guardians and professionals dealing with children and adolescents was launched the E-book "Fathers in Prevention" - volume 1, its goal is to support people to keep children and adolescents safe and free of problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

The E-book Parents in Prevention - Volume 1 (319 pages) is a digital book, made to be read on mobile, computer or tablet, PDF format. This E-book is part of the content of the Online Course Parents in Prevention, which reached the level of excellence in the evaluation of the public in 2020.

In this E-book you will learn what parents need to know about drugs, the book answers clearly and objectively the following questions: What are drugs? What are the drugs most used by young people in Brazil? What are the main consequences of drug use? What are the usage patterns and how to identify them?

You will learn in practice what prevention is and what its types are. You will clearly know how to prevent, what are risk and protection factors that, based on science, are related to the higher or lower probability of drug use.

You will learn what they are and what are the most common normative beliefs related to drug use and what to do to lessen their negative impact on the lives of children and adolescents.

You will identify with a mother's dreams, longings, expectations, fears and frustrations when dealing with one of her greatest challenges, educating and raising children in constant transformation.

You will also know the characteristics of children and adolescents, their interests, longings and dreams, enter your world to be closer to them and thus be an influence for good!

With this E-book you have the following benefits:

  1. You increase a lot of knowledge about alcohol and other drugs;
  2. You learn how to approach the subject of drugs with children and adolescents;
  3. You learn exactly how to prevent drug use;
  4. You identify your parental style and try to fit better;
  5. You learn about the risk and protection factors that are related to drug use;
  6. You learn more about how to help in the healthy development of children and adolescents;
  7. Your relationship with children and adolescents tends to improve.

This E-book helps you solve the following pains:

  1. Decreases fear and anxiety of not knowing how to prevent the use of alcohol and other drugs;
  2. Reduces family conflicts;
  3. Reduces communication problems between parents and children.

It is a light writing that seeks to talk to the reader in a clear, objective and motivating way.

Below is the link to purchase the E-book, so you also support other prevention projects:


About the author:
Claudemir L.M. dos Santos

Graduated in Social Communication with qualification in Public Relations, Pedagogy and Portuguese/English. He has done professional exchange and specialization in Prevention, Education, Treatment and Drug Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. Post-graduated in Public Management, he works as Technical Director and Specialist in Prevention, in the Coordination of Public Policies on Drugs, of the Government of the State of São Paulo.

Claudemir is the creator and developer of the Pais course in prevention and the Prevent Always Channel, aimed at professionals and guardians of children and adolescents, to prevent risky behaviors in particular the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

A great partner of Freemind and ISSUP Brasil, he was manager of the National Chapter of Brazil in 2018.