Call for Papers- Drug Addiction Research in China

Drug addiction has been a major public health problem bringing a heavy burden to patients, families and society in China historically and contemporarily. In the recent two decades, animal and clinical research on mechanisms, trajectories, prevention and treatments of drug addiction has flourished in China, and progress and breakthroughs have been made in revealing the genetic basis and neural circuits of drug addiction, as well as discovering novel therapies, especially behavioural and neuromodulating interventions. The intent of this special issue is to provide a comprehensive overview of recent progress in drug addiction research in China, consolidate and advance our understanding of addiction processes and action of addictive drugs, address state-of-the-art approaches to the treatment of drug addiction and their biological basis, and give voice to the existing bottleneck problems and future research directions in the field of drug addiction.

What to submit

In this special issue, we welcome (but not limited to) original research and review papers that discuss new developments of genetic, molecular, cellular, circuit and behavioural mechanisms and pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions of drug addiction, based on established or novel animal models and human subjects with cellular, electrophysiological, anatomical, chemogenetic, optogenetic, neuroimaging, neuromodulating, behavioural, and GWAS methods.

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