EUSPR 2020 Award Nominations

Nominations for 2020 EUSPR awards are now open. The closing data for nomination is Wednesday 30th September at 1pm, UK time. This is an important opportunity for EUSPR members to recognise individuals who have made an important contribution to Prevention Science. Please see the attached information with information about the awards, how to submit a nomination and the criteria that will be used to judge them. This year’s judging panel will comprise a sub group

Famílias, como prevenir? O diálogo começa em casa.

Famílias, como prevenir? O diálogo começa em casa. Conversando com Maria de Fátima Padin Em seu canal do YouTube, Drogas e Sociedade, Gleuda Apolinário recebe a Dra. Maria de Fátima Padin para uma conversa sobre como prevenir o uso de drogas nas famílias através do diálogo. Durante 37 minutos, Dra. Maria de Fátima falou de sua experiência e deixou muitas dicas importantes de como os pais devem agir diante das situações que podem se apresentar

Álcool, drogas e direção – Semana Nacional do Trânsito

De 18 a 25 de Setembro – Semana Nacional do Trânsito Álcool, drogas e direção: perceba o risco… Proteja a vida! A Semana Nacional de Trânsito (SNT), conforme disposto no art. 326 do Código de Trânsito Brasileiro (CTB), é comemorada anualmente entre os dias 18 e 25 de setembro. Ações em todo o país são realizadas pelos órgãos do Sistema Nacional de Trânsito com o objetivo de conscientizar todos os envolvidos, sejam eles motoristas, passageiros

UNODC PTRS Organized Informal Expert Consultation on Substance Use Disorders in Humanitarian Settings

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there are now close to 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, and with mental health among this segment of the world’s population already a neglected area, the treatment of substance use disorders is increasingly overlooked in public health and humanitarian settings. To explore a solution to this alarming crisis, UNODC —in coordination with WHO and UNHCR, along with the US State Department and the Bureau of

Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice

Georgetown Announces Master’s Program in Addiction Policy and Practice. The new program seeks to build a national policy workforce to respond to one of the most untreated chronic health conditions in the United States. Georgetown University’s new Master's Program in Addiction Policy and Practice is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary course of study that seeks to build a national policy workforce to respond to one of the most untreated chronic health conditions in the United States –

Dia Nacional de Prevenção e Combate à Depressão

Neste 15 de setembro, Dia Nacional de Prevenção e combate à Depressão, precisamos falar sobre a relação da adolescência, da depressão, do uso de drogas e do suicídio entre nossos filhos e amigos. O suicídio é a segunda causa de morte em jovens dos 15 aos 29 anos de idade. Em mulheres, é a principal causa de mortalidade na faixa etária dos 15 aos 19 anos. Apesar de ser o desfecho trágico de um conjunto

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI)- Upcoming Courses

The APSI Education Centre is running a series of summer courses. Find out more about the events below. Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies: New Tools for Prevention Professionals Sep 24, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT Sep 29, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT This course features one of the major outcomes from more than 30 years of prevention science. The term “evidence-based” has long been applied in the medical field and now is a

Prevenção ao suicídio

Neste mês de setembro, salvar vidas é falar sobre Prevenção ao Suicídio. Para o Freemind e ISSUP Brasil, salvar vidas é a nossa missão e o caminho para isso é a Prevenção. Nossos jovens e até mesmo nossas crianças estão cada dia mais vulneráveis a ideações suicidas e tentativas de suicídio. Precisamos estar atentos aos sinais. Por isso, compartilhamos um material da Campanha Setembro Amarelo 2020, da ABP e CFM voltado aos pais, responsáveis e

2020 EUSPR Awards

Nominations for 2020 EUSPR awards are now open. The closing data for nomination is Wednesday 30th September at 1pm, UK time. This is an important opportunity for EUSPR members to recognise individuals who have made an important contribution to Prevention Science. Please see the attached information with information about the awards, how to submit a nomination and the criteria that will be used to judge them. This year’s judging panel will comprise a sub group

World Suicide Prevention Day

Every year on the 10th of September organisations and communities around the world come together to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide. Close to 800 000 people die by suicide every year. Furthermore, for each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. Each year has a different theme and focus, to bring to light a specific aspect of suicide prevention. This year, the theme for

Online Training- Families and Substance Use

Course: Families and substance use: the impact of hidden harm, trauma and protective factors An online training course, delivered via Zoom. The training will take place over two days and four separate sessions, lasting two and a half hours each. These will take place on: Monday 28th September : 9.30am - 12 noon Monday 28th September: 1.00pm - 3.30pm Tuesday 29th September: 9.30am - 12 noon Tuesday 29th September: 1.00pm - 3.30pm By the end

Alguém Perguntou às Crianças como Elas Estão se Sentindo?

Quais os direitos das crianças? Um deles é o direito a brincar, uma vez que o brincar se apresenta como ferramenta essencial para a sua saúde durante seu crescimento, já que ela se descobre na brincadeira, bem como apreende o mundo de forma lúdica, vivenciando as experiências de forma adequada à sua idade. A criança que brinca constrói uma estrutura psicológica e emocional resiliente e muito mais preparada para enfrentar os desafios do mundo adulto

African Civil Society Common Position on Drugs

Building on developments at the international level – including the March 2019 Ministerial Declaration on strengthening actions for the world drug problem and the recently adopted African Union Plan of Action on Drug Control – please find the‘African Civil Society Common Position on Drugs’ here. The document seeks to incorporate the perspectives and guide the work of a wide range of NGOs from across the African continent, and help to shape and guide civil society

ICATT: Indonesian Consortium of Addiction Technology Transfer, SEA-HATTC’s Expansion of New Learning Community, Building Capacity, and Solving the Shortage of Mental Health and Addiction Workforce

Author: Eduardo Renaldo & Eva Suryani Mental health is a global problem. Mental health personnel faces critical challenges in delivery of care particularly in remote areas. Given the uneven knowledge/skill development and geographic spread of regional providers, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as one of the agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services aim to effectively target substance abuse and mental health services to the people most in

What is prevention science?

Do you know what Prevention Science is? The partners of Freemind and ISSUP Brasil, Rodrigo Flaire – State Coordinator of Drug Policies of São Paulo – and Claudemir dos Santos – Technical Director of Prevention of COED-SP, in this video, explain and give examples of what is and how prevention science can be used to make decisions based on scientific evidence. Here's what they say: Science is a branch of knowledge of empirical* nature, logical

Some effective tactics for preventing drug use

National and international drug prevention networks, community leaders and strong community coalitions are the key to changing public attitudes and reducing the availability of illicit drugs worldwide. Some effective tactics include promoting drug demand reduction principles and raising awareness of the social consequences of drug abuse and addiction. Below you will learn about many other strategies that have been implemented and have successfully reduced drug use from a global perspective to the site. How can

What is the target of the marijuana industry?

According to a new study,unlicensed marijuana dispensaries in California are opening in black and Latino neighborhoods at a disproportionately high rate, following a similar pattern taken by alcohol and tobacco retailers. Researchers say this trend could worsen existing health disparities for minority and poor communities because highly potent products sold in unlicensed dispensaries are less likely to be tested for safety, have no safe packaging for children, and are often cheaper than highly regulated products

Ireland Governemnt Scholarship 2021

Ireland_Government_Scholarship 2021 is now open for international students. Masters, PhD, Post Doc by Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship and Ministry of Education. Details: 60 Scholarships will be Provided and the Scholarships will Cover full Duration of the Program. Deadline: 29th October 2020 #Opportunitiescorner #IrelandScholarship #StudyinIreland

Màster en Addiccions- Universitat de les Illes Balears

Universitat de les Illes Balears Les addicions esdevenen un greu problema social que requereix una resposta en l'àmbit formatiu i especialitzat. Amb aquest màster canalitzam els fruits de la investigació científica entorn del camp de les drogodependències. Es tracta d'un màster que recopila les aportacions del Currículum Universal de Prevenció (UPC) i del Currículum Universal de Tratament (UTC) i que aporta una visió multidisciplinària, recorrent visions procedents de la farmacologia, el dret penal, aspectes ètiques

World Drug Report Survey 2020

UNODC has launched a new survey to collect feedback on the World Drug Report. The objective of this survey is to maintain the relevance of the World Drug Report by understanding how it is used and the extent to which it fulfils the needs and expectations of its readers. The deadline for submission is the 21st of September.

Brazilian experts speak out about the poisoning cases and deaths from diethylene glycol present in Brazilian craft beers

Dr. Zila M. Sanchez, Camila L. Oliveira, Dr. Ronaldo Laranjeira and Dr. Raul Caetano had a Letter to the Editor published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, where they talk about cases of poisoning and deaths from diethylene glycol present in Brazilian craft beers. Read the letter in full: Dear editor: Since December 30, 2019, Brazil has had several cases of intoxication due to beer intake (State Department of Health, 2020a), the

Webinar: The risks of marijuana use and emerging tobacco products in adolescence

The risks of marijuana use and emerging tobacco products during adolescence will be the subject of the next webinar of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). Next Friday, August 28, the eveof The National Day to Combat Smoking, the event will be held through the CFM YouTube channel, promoting an online debate. The meeting will target doctors and lawyers. Organized by the Cfm's Lawful and Ilic drug control commission, the webinar will also discuss the

Uso de cannabis aumenta a incidência de psicose?

Será que a legalização e comercialização do uso de cannabis aumentam a incidência e prevalência de psicose? Há uma tendência mundial política de liberalização e comercialização da cannabis. Uruguai legalizou a cannabis recreativa em 2013, assim como o Canadá em 2018, assim como 10 estados dos EUA. Outros países descriminalizaram o medicamento. Na Holanda, a cannabis pode ser comprada em cafés designados, e em Portugal, a polícia encaminha aqueles que regularmente usam cannabis para aconselhamento

Putting a touch of Eternity into our lives

Father Haroldo Rahm lived and died at the age of 100 opening doors or building bridges to save lives. He was freemind's great inspiration and spiritual mentor. He left a legacy of living and written works that made him immortal. In his book "Every Day - 365 - Drugs - Prevention - Solutions" tells us about putting a touch of eternity in our life. "There are moments, in the succession of hours and days, when

COVID-19- Alcohol and Tobacco Policies in Africa

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world, governments made crucial decisions in order to reduce the strain on health services experiencing extreme pressure. One way that some governments chose to reduce this pressure, was to introduce measures to control alcohol-related harm. Below are some of the ways the governments in Africa attempted to control levels of alcohol consumption during lockdown periods. Kenya On the 27th of July, in response to a surge in coronavirus

Drogas colocam em risco toda a coletividade

Avolumam-se discussões sobre a descriminalização da posse de drogas para consumo pessoal, inclusive com recurso extraordinário ainda pendente de julgamento na Excelsa Corte acerca deste tema (RExt. 635.659). No entanto, é assustador ver um membro do Ministério Público defender abertamente em artigo publicado em site jurídico, não a liberação da droga para uso próprio, com o que, aliás, não concordo, mas que o comércio ou mesmo a entrega gratuita de drogas, entre parte maiores e

Parent participation and prevention at school

In another video of the channel Prevent Always, Rodrigo Flaire and Claudemir dos Santos end the series that deals with life skills, talking about the importance of parents' participation for prevention in school,about how parents can prevent risky behaviors by simply participating more actively in the school life of their children. But have you ever heard of Life Skills? Do you know how they can help us? The term "Skills for Life" has its origin

New Training of Staff in Medication Assisted Treatment

Uganda Has now officially started training in harm reduction and has created Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Clinics in one of its National referral Mental Hospital Alcohol and Drug Unit. The training is ongoing for new and existing staff to run this new facility and MAT clients will be enrolled this coming month. A special thanks to all the efforts of Dr David Basangwa whose dream this is has now become a reality.

The Presentations on the World Drug Report 2020 to the Civil Society Organizations in Russian

On 29 July 2020, UNODC Civil Society Team and the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC), in collaboration with UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia (UNODC ROCA), jointly organized a web seminar on the World Drug Report 2020 for Central Asia. Dr. Borikhan Shaumarov, UNODC Mentor, UNODC ROCA assisted preparation of this webinar and presentation in Russian. The webinar was opened with remarks from Ms. Baktygul Sarybaeva, the representative of VNGOC and Ms. Viktorja Nesterovaite