Segundo Organização Mundial da Saúde, cigarros prejudicam seriamente o meio ambiente

Não é novidade pra ninguém que fumar faz mal pra saúde, não só daqueles que fumam mas também de quem estiver ao redor. Além de causar doenças como o câncer e de viciar, o cigarro também tem um impacto negativo no meio ambiente. E esse impacto não é causado apenas pelas milhares de bitucas que são jogadas no chão. O processo de produção do cigarro não é sustentável, começando pelo desmatamento e terminando com o

Maconha é mais prejudicial para o cérebro do que álcool, diz novo estudo

A maconha traz mais prejuízos para o cérebro dos adolescentes do que o álcool, confirmou um novo estudo. O cérebro dos adolescentes é muito vulnerável e, ao contrário do álcool, o consumo regular de maconha pode causar repercussões duradouras sobre sua capacidade de pensar, sua memória, controle da situação e raciocínio. “Aumentos adicionais no uso da cannabis , mas não no consumo de álcool, mostraram efeitos adicionais simultâneos e retardados nas funções cognitivas, como raciocínio

Pesquisa explicita relação entre álcool, drogas e violência

Já é de se esperar que álcool e outras drogas levem a pessoa a um caminho de violência, porém recentemente isso foi comprovado através de uma pesquisa de um grupo da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Eles publicaram resultados de uma pesquisa a respeito da associação entre o consumo de álcool e drogas com a ocorrência de mortes violentas. O trabalho coloca em números os dados dessa relação, no caso, na

ISSUP Chile Launch

We are really excited that we can be in Chile for today's launch of our National Chapter! We look forward to working together with ISSUP Chile's host organisation La Sociedad de Neurología, Psiquiatría y Neurocirugía (SONEPSYN)

ISSUP Chile was established because it was felt there was a need for a focal point where researchers, policy makers and practitioners, working in the field of substance use and drug demand reduction in Chile, can collaborate ideas and carry forward evidence-based and ethical prevention, treatment and recovery practices. 

Research on perception of Brazilian parliamentarians on drug policy

Seeking to qualify the public debate on drug policy and guide the actions of its members, the Brazilian drug policy Platform (PBPD) conducted a survey of the federal legislative power to map the opinions and perceptions of congressmen about the current drug policy in the country. The questionnaire, delivered to members and Senators whose mandate began in 2015, not restricted to the debate of legalizing drugs, but also assessed the perception of parliamentarians on the

ISSUP Brazil Launch

ISSUP Brazil was formally launched at the 5th Freemind International Congress that took place in São Paulo, Brazil from September 19 to 22, 2018. Around 1500 national and international experts in substance use prevention, treatment and recovery participated in lectures and panel discussions.

SPR 27th Annual Meeting - Call for Papers

SPR 27th ANNUAL MEETING May 28 – May 31, 2019 Hyatt Regency San Francisco, San Francisco, CA CALLS NOW AVAILABLE: Papers, NIDA International Poster Session, Preconference Workshops, and "Brown Bag" SIGs Submission Deadline for ALL Calls: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 The Society for Prevention Research (SPR) 27th Annual Meeting " Prevention Science in a Big Data World " will be held May 28 – May 31, 2019, in San Francisco, CA, at the Hyatt Regency

World Mental Health Day 2018

The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community”. We all experience feeling down, upset, stressed or worried. Fortunately, these feelings tend to pass and we are able to move forward. For many however, these issues develop

Summer Advanced Certificate Program in Media Based Prevention Science-Report of Pilot Program, Part 1

The Advanced Certificate Program in Media-Based Prevention was conducted at Claremont Graduate University from July 25, 2018 to August 14, 2018. The program was designed to contribute to the skill set of a group of visiting international professionals in the field of prevention science. The program curriculum was developed to enhance the knowledge, competencies, and skills of program participants in their work as they address the substance use issues in their communities. Open the attachment

Mr. Ahmad Shah Nominated for the Prestigious "Asia Inspiration Award 2018"

Mr. Ahmad Shah, Director of ISSUP Pakistan, has been nominated to receive the prestigious "Asia Inspiration Award 2018" in the category of Health. The award ceremony will be held on 30th November 2018 in Iconic BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka during the closing ceremony of the 2nd South Asian Youth Summit 2018 to be held from 28th – 30th November, 2018 . The program will be witnessed by His Excellency President of Sri Lanka, Hon'ble Prime

New to Alcohol Use Research: Recommendations for Early Career Researchers

In this article, early career researcher Joella shares her experience of working as a research assistant at the University of Balearic Islands alongside the Research Group in Data Analysis. The project that Joella is working on focuses on young people’s alcohol use, specifically the psychosocial evaluation of alcohol use in young people of Palma de Mallorca. This evaluation includes the assessment of risky alcohol use, attitudes towards alcohol use and socioeconomic status. Joella’s role in

More U.S. Stores Likely Sell Cigarettes to Minors than Reported

(Reuters Health) - More retailers may be selling cigarettes to minors than government estimates have suggested, a new study finds. Researchers determined that more than half of retail stores may be inadvertently, and illegally, selling cigarettes to underage buyers, according to the results published in JAMA Pediatrics. Federal estimates are based on single visits to stores, the researchers note. The new study was based on six visits per store by teens too young to purchase

Statistical Bulletin: Deaths Related to Drug Poisoning in England and Wales

This article presents data on the number of drug misuse deaths in England and Wales from 1993 onwards, by cause of death, sex, age and substances involved in the death. The overall number of deaths has risen by 12 to 3,756 in 2017. This is not a statistically significant increase (similar to last year) and shows the rise is abating. The number of drug misuse deaths (i.e. accidental overdose as opposed to suicide via overdose)

Trinidad y Tobago reticente a legalizar y promover la marihuana

Trinidad y Tobago reticente a legalizar y promover la marihuana Puerto España, 14 jul (PL) El primer ministro de Trinidad y Tobago, Keith Rowley, afirmó que la despenalización de la marihuana hoy está lejos de ser prioridad gubernamental a pesar de recientes acuerdos de sus homólogos en la Comunidad del Caribe (Caricom). El mandatario recordó que durante la 39 Conferencia de Jefes de Gobierno en Jamaica los miembros de la Caricom consensuaron revisar el potencial

The Closing Ceremony of Basic Counseling Training and Handover of ICAP 1 Certificates

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has organized a five-day long Basic Counseling Training for Addiction Professionals, including doctors, counselors, managers and other staff from the country’s different drug treatment and rehabilitation centers. The training was held from 15-19 July 2018 at the Training room of the Health Sector, Dhaka Ahsania Mission. Director (Treatment and Rehabilitation), Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) Mr. Mofidul Islam was present as the Chief Guest in the training closing session and handed

U.S. Children's Exposure to Addiction Drug Rose 215% in Three Years, Study Says

This article discusses accidental exposure to buprenorphine among children. It summarizes how children are more susceptible to breathing cessation with the medication than are adolescents or adults. While these data are focused on poisoning and not substance use disorders, it still speaks to the cross-section of children and opioids in the USA. (Summary by Dr. Hendree Jones)

One in six young people in high school tried drugs

Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance, but growing consumption of 'popper'. At least 520 thousand high school students, whose ages are between 12 and 18, have used drugs at least once in your life. That figure represents 15.9% of schoolchildren in the country between grades 7th and 11 (one in six) and confirms how consumption became weather is a problem of public health for the country. The data are contained in the latest

Substance Use Prevention Important to Achieve SDG Goals

World Leaders have been committed to fulfilling the 169 targets in achieving the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, among these Substance Use Prevention and Treatment is one of the most important targets. Substance Use Prevention activities have been included in the 7th five-year plan, prepared in light of the SDGs. This was mentioned in the UN SDG Goal-3 Seminar held at the Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) auditorium on June 30, 2018.

Intervenções via Internet para redução do consumo de álcool entre universitários: uma revisão sistemática

[RESUMO]. Objetivo. Identificar as principais modalidades de intervenções via Internet para limitar o uso de álcool por estudantes universitários e descrever os efeitos dessas intervenções sobre o consumo e as consequências do uso de álcool. Método. Esta é uma revisão sistemática com artigos disponíveis nas bases PubMed, PsycINFO e SciELO. Foram utilizados os termos de busca alcohol drinking AND Internet, sem restrição de data ou idioma. Foram critérios de inclusão: ser estudo randomizado controlado com