Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV for Students in Sri Lanka

Prevention of drug abuse and HIV for G.C.E A/L students have conducted a prevention program on drug abuse and HIV for the G.C.E A/L students of the Kalmunai zone with the permission of the Education Ministry of Srilanka. The program was conducted by the Lions Club and the Rotary Club. Delegates from the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board and Alcohol and Drug Information Center participated as the resource personals. This is the 18th program of

Introduction of Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol approved in Welsh Assembly Vote

The Welsh Government will introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol of 50p from 2 March 2020, with regulations today being approved by the National Assembly for Wales. The new law supports the Welsh Government’s work to address harmful drinking by tackling the availability and affordability of cheap, strong alcohol, which is part of wider efforts to improve and protect the health of the population of Wales. Researchers have suggested that the proposed changes would

Launch of 'Sobriety, Abstinence & Moderation' Research Cluster

With recent declines in drinking rates across parts of the world including Europe and Australia – particularly amongst younger people – and the rise of ‘positive sobriety’ movements, ‘dry months’ and online communities, further research into the lived experiences, representations and challenges of drinking moderately or not at all is timely and important. The Drinking Studies Network is launching a new cluster that will open a discussion about historic and contemporary drinking cultures. Research within

First Results of Regulating Alcohol Marketing on Social Media in Finland

Social media is being used by the alcohol industry as a platform to promote their products. This has raised concerns about adolescents’ exposure to alcohol advertising, as social media is extensively used by young people. Through the Alcohol Act, Finland became the first country in the world to monitor and regulate social media for alcohol-related content. The Finnish Alcohol Act restricts social media alcohol adverts in the following three ways: the use of interactive games

New Regulations to Stop Alcohol Being Advertised Around Children Introduced in Ireland

Ireland has introduced new legislation to reduce child exposure to alcohol advertisements and products. Alcohol advertising in or on public transport, at public transport stations, and within 200 metres of a school, creche, or local authority playground will be prohibited. Cinemas will be banned from advertising alcohol except around films with an 18 age classification. All children’s clothing that promotes alcohol will also be discontinued. Health Minister Simon Harris said: “Studies report consistently that exposure

Viet Nam - UNODC Discussing Cooperation in Drug Prevention and Treatment

Currently, relevant ministries and agencies in Vietnam are studying, supplementing and amending the Law on Drug Prevention and Control to meet the current situation and practical requirements, including the section on drug prevention and treatment. The support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the development of this component is essential and a very timely workshop for policy makers on the nature, prevention and treatment of drug use disorders was held

Six Days Training Workshop of UTC 5 & 8 for Addiction Professionals of Pakistan Organized by M A Jinnah Foundation, Nishan Rehab & ISSUP Pakistan

M A Jinnah Foundation(Regd), Sialkot in collaboration with Nishan Rehab Pakistan (an approved Education Provider by Colombo Plan DAP) organized six days training workshop on Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professional UTC 5 (Intake, Assessment, Screening, Documentation & Treatment Planning) and UTC Ethics for Addiction Professionals from 1st - 6th November, 2019 at New Life Rehab, Center for Drug Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation opposite KFC near the general bus stand, Sialkot which is sponsored by

Position of the European Society for Prevention Research on Ineffective and Potentially Harmful Approaches in Substance Use Prevention

"Prevention methods using shock tactics are proven to be ineffective. Nevertheless, strategies based on predominantly providing information about the dangers of substance use are widespread in Europe. The European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) is concerned about those so-called prevention strategies. It calls on decisionmakers, influencers and policymakers to use scientific proof of effectiveness as a criterion for exposing our youth to prevention methods and not to spend public money on rather commercial offers, since

UK Parents' Drinking Negatively Affects Over a Third of Children

The physical and psychological harm caused by heavy alcohol consumption to the individual drinking is often clear. What is often less obvious, is the damage an individuals alcohol consumption can have to the people around them. A recent study has examined the impact of parental drinking on children. A total of 997 parents and their children completed the surveys that asked questions about levels of parent alcohol consumption, why they were choosing to drink, and

Alcohol Industry in France Oppose Dry January

The alcohol industry in France have begun their protest against the dry January campaign proposed by the French Health Minister Dr Agnès Buzyn. The campaign is designed to encourage people to abstain from alcohol for one month. It is hoped to encourage reflection on the potential harms of alcohol and the benefits of cutting down drinking. So far, 8 wine companies have openly protested about the proposed campaign, putting forward arguments about alcohol consumption in

Relações mesossistêmicas entre família, escola e instituição de apoio social: um estudo sobre a prevenção à drogadição

Um estudo realizado pelo Mestre em Psicologia - Evaldo de Souza Fernandes, da Universidade de Brasília, abordou diversos pontos sobre a prevenção ao uso de substâncias, no quesito familiar, escolar e social. O uso de drogas ganhou destaque nas últimas décadas do século XX. De acordo com as estatísticas, entre 3,5% e 7,0% da população mundial na faixa etária dos 15 aos 64 anos são usuárias de algum tipo de droga ilícita. Hoje em dia

Webinar - Host testing for ICAP at your University

Do you want the substance use professionals in your area to receive the International Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP) credential? Is traveling to receive the certification arduous, expensive, or impossible for some of them? On November 12th and again on November 13th, there will be an opportunity to learn about how you can host testing for the ICAP certificates at your University. We will host two webinars: November 12 @ 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Treatment for Psychostimulants and for Co-Morbid Psychiatric and Medical Disorders Are Discussed by Experts from the Central Asian States

On 4-8 November 2019 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 24 specialists from the drug treatment centres, narcology clinics and institutions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan participated in the Regional Training on introduction of the protocols on treatment for psychostimulants and for co-morbid psychiatric and medical disorders organized by UNODC global project GLOJ71 “Treating drug dependence and its health consequences: Treatnet” in collaboration with Sub-programme 3 “Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and HIV prevention” of the UNODC

UNODC Conducts Training on Psychoactive Substance Use for Policymakers

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) held a training for high-level participants to address the nature, prevention and treatment of drug use disorders from 22-24 October 2019, in Brasilia, Brazil. The meeting gathered about 50 people among representatives of the federal, state and local governments involved in the prevention, treatment, social reintegration of drug users and the fight against trafficking. The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship and

Vietnamese Policymakers Attend UNODC Training on the Nature, Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders

More than thirty (30) Vietnamese high-level decision makers from the Department of Social Vice Prevention, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), the Office of the Government (OOG), Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the Social Affairs Department, National Assembly (NA), the Department of Administrative Sanctions Management, Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Women's Union, academia and civil society are participating in this three-day workshop, being held 4 – 6 November 2019 in

Six Days Training of Pakistan's Addiction Treatment Professionals

The M A Jinnah Foundation ( Regd ), Sialkot is going to organize a six days Training of Pakistan's Addiction Treatment Professionals from 1-6 November, 2019 on Universal Treatment Curriculum 5 (Intake, Assessment, Screening, Treatment Planning and Documentation for Addiction Professionals) and the Universal Treatment Curriculum 8 (Ethics for Addiction Professionals) which is funded by Mr. Bashir Ahmed Naz President ISSUP-Pakistan at the New Life Rehab Center, Sialkot opposite KFC Near General Bus Stand, Sialkot.

Recovery Month Celebration – “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger”

Dhaka Ahsania Mission observed the Recovery Month on 22 September 2019 at Ahsnia Mission Female Drug Treatment Center (FDTC) first time in Bangladesh. The objective of celebrating the Recovery Month is to educate people that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with mental and Substance Use Disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives. It also has significant impact on reducing misconceptions and stigma about mental health issues and SUD, thus enabling

UNODC TREATNET Training for Treatment and Care Providers in Senegal

The UNODC’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa (ROSEN), the Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation Section (PTRS) and UNAIDS jointly organized a TREATNET training on drug use disorder treatment and care from July 30th to August 2nd 2019 in Saly-Mbour, Senegal. Participants included the Ministry of Health, along with twenty-five health and social work professionals, national defence and security forces’ representatives from the different regions of Senegal. TREATNET is a UNODC capacity building strategy, aiming

UNODC Training on the Nature, Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders for Policymakers from Central Asia

Twenty-four (24) high-level decision makers from the Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are participating in a three-day workshop on creating humane, effective and evidence-based drug use prevention and drug dependence treatment and care services, being held from 30 October to 01 November 2019 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Nilolay Negay, Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Mental Health of the

Closing Ceremony of 4 Days Training Workshop of UTC 4 and 7 Organized by MATH & ISSUP Pakistan

Closing ceremony of 4 days training workshop of UTC 4 and 7 organized by Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala Pakistan in collaboration with ISSUP Pakistan Chapter was held at the MATH conference hall. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz was the Chief Guest and Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter and Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore, Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, Rana Maqsood Ahmad, Deputy Mayor of Gujranwala were guests of honor. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz said that

Dinner for ISSUP Members in Pakistan/Participants of 4 Days UTC Workshop

Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, President ISSUP Pakistan, hosted a dinner in Rachna Hotel, Gujranwala for participants of a 4 days UTC workshop organized by the Mian Afzal Trust Hospital (MATH), Gujranwala Pakistan and the ISSUP Pakistan Chapter. Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore, Director, ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, and a large number of ISSUP Members and participants of the workshop participated in the dinner. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, President ISSUP Pakistan Chapter addressed the dinner guests that said

UNODC realiza capacitación sobre el uso de sustancias psicoactivas para formuladores de políticas

La Oficina de las Naciones Unidas contra la Droga y el Delito (UNODC) llevó a cabo entre 22 y 24 octubre 2019, en Brasilia, un entrenamiento sobre la naturaleza, prevención y tratamiento de los trastornos relacionados con las drogas. El encuentro reunió a cerca de 50 personas incluidos representantes de los gobiernos federales, estatales y del Distrito Federal involucrados con la prevención, el tratamiento, la reintegración social de los usuarios y en la lucha contra

IGP Sees Decline in Street Crime

KARACHI: There is a visible decline in street crime and vehicle thefts in the city after the police started action against drug peddlers. This was stated by Sindh Inspector General of Police Dr Kaleem Imam at a meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah here on Tuesday. The meeting, which was held to curb the menace of drugs from society and the need for rehabilitating the youths involved in drug use, was also

Dra. Zila Sanchez desenvolve site de Prevenção ao uso de drogas

Especialista na área de drogadição, Dra. Zila M. Sanchez, lançou o site intitulado “Previna”, voltado para a prevenção do consumo de drogas. O Previna é um núcleo de pesquisa da Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), referência em estudos sobre o uso de álcool e outras drogas no Brasil. O site tem como objetivo disponibilizar dados epidemiológicos e outras informações de qualidade no campo do estudo das drogas, visando amparar ações de prevenção e políticas

Implementing the European Action Plan on Alcohol

Despite efforts to reduce concerning levels of alcohol consumption in Europe through adopting the WHO European Action Plan on Alcohol (EAPA), the region continues to have the highest prevalence of drinkers, heavy episodic drinking, alcohol consumption per capita, and the lowest proportion of abstainers, compared with other regions around the world. Efforts to introduce policies that prevent and control non-communicable diseases are frequently hampered by trade agreements, conflicting economic interests, or the challenges of controlling

UNODC realiza treinamento sobre uso de substâncias psicoativas para formuladores de políticas

O Escritório das Nações Unidas sobre Drogas e Crime (UNODC), deu início na segunda-feira (21), à capacitação sobre natureza, prevenção e tratamento de transtornos relacionados ao uso de drogas, em uma reunião fechada para autoridades, em Brasília. O encontro se estenderá até o dia 24 de outubro e reunirá representantes do governo federal envolvidos na prevenção, no tratamento, na reinserção social e no combate ao tráfico. Até a próxima quinta-feira, representantes dos Estados e do

Inaugural Ceremony of 4 Days Training Workshop of UTC 4 & 7 Organized by MATH & ISSUP Pakistan

The inaugural ceremony of a 4 days training workshop of UTC 4 & 7 was held on 24th October, 2019 at the Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala, Pakistan which was organized by Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, (MATH) Gujranwala Pakistan in collaboration with ISSUP Pakistan Chapter with support of Mr. Bashir Naz, President ISSUP Pakistan. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, Mr. Muhammad Ayub, Senior Adviser Colombo Plan were the chief guest of ceremony. Mr. Muhammad Ayub, said