Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioural Health Services

For anyone interested in digital health behaviour interventions this manual from SAMHSA will prove interesting. Exploring how technology-assisted care can be implemented, the value of technology based assessments and the ways in which the use of technology can remove barriers people may face when accessing or seeking treatment. This manual, Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioural Health Services , is aimed at prevention professionals, those involved in planning programmes and project managers. It forms part

FREE Opioid Training Course from Harvard

Harvard University has launched a free online training course via . Suitable for those looking for an introduction to understanding opioids and the current "crisis" facing many nations through high rates of drug related deaths. The Opioid Crisis in America is self-paced and offered in English. This seven week course aims to challenge the stigma associated with opioid addiction, explore routes for recovery and treatment with key information about responding to opioid overdoses. With

The Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network 

The Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network is an international, multidisciplinary resource for professionals in the addictions treatment and recovery services field. The ATTC has been working since 1993 to improve the clinical practices used to treat substance use disorders (SUDs). Through national and regional technical assistance and training efforts, the Network promotes the implementation of evidence-based and promising practices in SUD treatment and recovery services. The ATTC publishes a monthly e-publication - the ATTC

1st ISSUP National Chapter Philippines Conference

"Our long time dream of gathering professionals and people interested in addiction recovery is now very real," said Eddie L. Castillo at the opening of the 1st ISSUP National Chapter Philippines Conference. The conference was held in Quezon City from November 6 – 11, 2017. The conference officially marked the presence of ISSUP National Chapter in the Philippines since its establishment in August 2014. The Vice Mayor of Quezon City, Ma. Joseffina G. Belmonte and

Medical Council on Alcohol 2017-18 Legacy Essay Competition

History & Latest information This prize started in 1985 when the Frowen family lost their son Micheal due to alcohol related health issues. Since then we have relied on the kindness of others to donate money to help fund this prize. We have subsequently also had donations from Dr Spender Madden and Mrs Myra Harries, of which we are very grateful. If any one would like to donate towards this prize please contact the MCA

Most-Read Knowledge Share Articles of 2017

We would like to share a selection of the most-read Knowledge Share articles of 2017 . These are the articles that captivated our members most. They cover a wide variety of substance abuse prevention and treatment topics and resources, from guidelines and principles to national, regional and global drug use surveys and data. Click here to check out the most-read Knowledge Share articles of 2017!

NIDA Humphrey Fellows Participate in ISSUP's Third Workshop

NIDA Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Virginia Commonwealth University participated in the Third Annual Meeting of the International Society of Substance Use Professionals. More than 3,000 participants attended the meeting for drug treatment and prevention professionals. ISSUP-3 was held in conjunction with the 19th International Congress on Addictions, which took place December 6–8, 2017. During the meetings, several organizations offered training courses, including the African Union, Colombo Plan, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, Inter-American Drug

ISSUP National Chapters on the way

In addition to ISSUP's digital presence and annual event, ISSUP is now focused on building its third major strand. The third dimension is the establishment of ISSUP National Chapters. This will allow ISSUP’s activities and contributions to be available to meet the national needs and promote national and international sharing and support. ISSUP Kenya, Pakistan and Philippines are already in existence, but the new focus will allow their operations to be brought within a shared expression of ISSUP activity as well as establishing functioning ISSUP Nationals in new countries.

Change of Roles at ISSUP

The new financial year at ISSUP has brought a significant change in the leadership roles in the organisation. As of November 1st, 2017 Joanna Travis-Roberts is the new Acting Executive Director. Former Executive Director, Jeff Lee, will continue to support the work and development of ISSUP in a Senior Consultant role.

Seminar on Drug Addiction in Bangladesh

The Dhaka Ahsania Mission Female Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT), and the Lion Club of Dhaka Oasis jointly organized an anti-drug seminar for the students and teachers of the university at IUBAT campus, Dhaka in Bangladesh on 14 November 2017. Director General, Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) Md. Jamal Uddin Ahmed was the chief guest and the seminar was presided by IUBAT Register Professor Dr. M

Project: “Engaging Young People in Peacebuilding & Evidence-Based Drug Prevention Intervention & Policies"

The “Engaging Young People in Peacebuilding” Project of the Drug Free Pakistan Foundation was continuously engaged in organizing and conducting teachers' training, youth leadership training and school programs in school-based prevention intervention and policies, and peacebuilding and conflict resolution. The project was supported by I AM Karachi Youth Initiatives Pakistan. In this project DFPF organized 1 teachers' training, 10 students’ awareness programs, 1 Youth Leadership Training, 10 Peace Prevention Club in schools and 10 SMART

Training of Youth Drug Prevention Facilitators in Pakistan

The Pakistani non-governmental organisation, Aga Khan Rural Support (AKRSP), organised its first four day training programme on evidence-based school and community drug abuse prevention for teachers from 6th - 10th October, 2017 in collaboration with Colombo Plan. The main aim of the training was to strengthen and polish the skills of teachers to assist in evidence-based drug abuse prevention activities, to teach them about life skills and to provide them with the necessary skills to

Lisbon Addictions 2017

Lisbon Addictions 2017, the second European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, was held from 24th – 26th October at the Lisbon Congress Center. Over 1,000 participants from around the world came together to learn about and explore challenges relating to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, the internet and other addictive behaviours.

ISSUP Takes Part in the African Union Continental Consultation on Drug Demand Reduction

The African Union Continental Consultation on Drug Demand Reduction organised by the African Union took place in Tunisia from 1-3 November. ISSUP was invited to attend and contribute to the meeting through Jeff Lee, ISSUP’s Senior Consultant and former Executive Director. The meeting was attended by representatives of 80% of African Union member countries, predominantly government personnel. During the meeting the countries provided feedback on their work and developments in the demand reduction field and

World Mental Health Day 2017

Dhaka: World Mental Health Day Speakers at a press conference at Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) called for taking comprehensive steps for preventing the use of drugs among women, saying that drug addiction affects women's mental health as well as causes other health problems. Drug addiction among women is gradually increasing due to various reasons. Female drug addicts are affected more than their male counterparts. But the scope of treatment and rehabilitation services for them is

ISSUP Executive Committee Meets in Washington, D.C.

The ISSUP Executive Committee had an important meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 1-2, 2017. The beautiful Washington weather was sadly missed behind closed doors as the Executive Committee, which includes Jeff Lee, Joanna Travis-Roberts, and Riva Setiawan from the ISSUP Staff team alongside Melody Heaps, ISSUP’s Chair, Sue Thau and Vivienne Evans. The meeting was also attended by colleagues from the U.S.

8 Steps Towards Minimising the US Opioid Crisis

Current levels of opioid addiction in the US are so alarming that in July 2017 the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis urgently suggested that President Trump declare a national emergency to free up resources and help treat the problem. In the meantime, outlined below are eight steps, some of which are recommended by the President’s Commission, that can help to combat opioid addiction in the US – now. Save lives

National Academy of Medicine Releases New Special Publication Guide

September 21, 2017 Halting the opioid epidemic requires aggressive action across multiple dimensions, including informed, active, and determined front-line leadership from health clinicians working in every setting throughout the nation, says a new National Academy of Medicine special publication developed at the request of the National Governors Association to assist the nation’s governors as they work with clinicians to counter the opioid crisis. Authored by leading national authorities on substance use disorders, the 21-page paper


Provisions under the Philippine Republic Act No.9165 or RA 9165 which is known as the "Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002", there was no instance that the words: "addiction", "addict" were used. Instead, words such as "abuse", "drug dependence", "use, "user", "pusher", "victim" and "minor offender" or "violator" were cited in the said law. (Thanks to Wine Carpio for the Video)

New National Alcohol Policy launched by Minster of Health

The new National Alcohol Policy for Malawi has been in the making since 2008, a process originally initiated by a group of NGOs. On the 18th of August almost ten years later the Minister of Health, Atupele Muluzi, could launch the final document at a colourful ceremony in Dedza District. “With the National Alcohol Policy now in place, communities will be supported and empowered to use their local knowledge and expertise in adopting effective approaches

What is 'Substance Use'?

In the context of ISSUP’s work the term “substance use” is complex. The following tries to summarise both what “substance use” is, and some of the issues that surround the term. “ Substance ” is a term generally used to refer to the use of a range of substances, often referred to as “drugs”. “ Substances ” include all psychoactive substances (those chemical substances that change brain function and which can result in alterations to

A Serious Matter: Laughing Gas Prompts Review of UK’s Psychoactive Substances Act

Introduced in 2016, The Psychoactive Substances Act is designed to deal with the influx of new drugs often labelled ‘legal highs’. The Act bans any substance that "by stimulating or depressing the person’s central nervous system… affects the person’s mental functioning or emotional state." It exempts substances such as tobacco or nicotine-based products, alcohol, caffeine, as well as medical products as defined in the 2012 Human Medicines Regulations. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is regularly