Alcohol consumption in quarantine

Alcohol consumption in quarantine
alcohol and quarantine

When Argentine families closed to meet the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus, memes emerged as the possibility of spying on what is happening inside. Images such as a row of green beer bottles lining a house and field, and a caption in yellow capital letters that warns: "Two more weeks of quarantine and end the median." Or an image of Morticia Addams, who watches holding a cup of tea in her hands, and asks, "How are you with isolation? Have you noticed that they are not social drinkers? The viralization of these jokes about alcohol consumption attracted the interest of a group of researchers from the CONICET of the Gino Germani Institute (IIGG), who launched a survey to find out how much was drunk before and how many during quarantine, and found that the number of people who consume alcoholic beverages tripled each day.

Según una encuesta de investigadores e investigadoras del Instituto Gino Germani, el 45 por ciento de las personas toma más alcohol que antes del aislamiento.
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