Tobacco Watcher

Created by
Institute for Global Tobacco Control

The global tobacco control landscape is ever changing. In this fast-paced world, Tobacco Watcher is designed to stay on top of these changes by finding, analysing and delivering the world’s tobacco-related news. Powered by cutting-edge innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Tobacco Watcher empowers you to combat global tobacco use.

Tobacco Watcher, designed by the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Global Tobacco Control, is an automated surveillance system for tobacco focused media analytics.

The tobacco watchers search the web in dozens of languages for news articles, and identifies each article by tobacco control topic, location, date and language to make media monitoring easier and more effective.

By operating continuously in real time, Tobacco Watcher can help you stay on top of a fast changing global landscape by freely delivering and analysing the world’s tobacco-related media. 

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