EDPQS Toolkit 1: Funding & Decision-Making

Created by
European Drug Prevention Quality Standards Partnership

The European Drug Prevention Quality Standards have been established to provide a EDPQS toolkit 1comprehensive set of criteria to help users learn how to recognise 'high quality' prevention activities, outline the necessary structurally and procedural aspects of high-quality prevention, and support strategies to develop implement, and review effective evidence-based practice.

This toolkit has been developed especially for decision-makers (including policy-makers, policy-managers, policy-officers, commissioners and funders) working in the field of drug prevention or health promotion at national, regional, county or local administrative levels.

This Toolkit is intended to assist the decision-making process by considering:

  • What does quality mean in drug prevention
  • Why is quality important
  • How to achieve quality within drug prevention programmes

Toolkit 1 is of particular value if you wish to:

  • Consider key issues for supporting quality in drug prevention from the decision-maker’s perspective
  • Assess whether initiatives proposed for funding or other forms of support are likely to be of high quality
  • Review already funded initiatives or programmes with a view to assuring their quality
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