Thailand Cigarette Packaging

One of the ways tobacco companies encourage people to purchase their products is through creating positive associations of brands. These include bright designs and symbols that quickly become familiar to potential customers. In a bid to reduce the power of marketing and overall consumption of tobacco, countries around the world have been introducing plain tobacco packaging.

The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) commends Thailand being the first country in the ASEAN Region and Asia at large to usher in standardised tobacco packaging.

Starting 12 September 2019 with a 90-day full phase-out of old cigarette stocks by 12 December 2019, all cigarettes in Thailand must be sold in drab brown-colored packs with cigarette brand names printed in a standardized font type, size, color, and location, without brand colors or logos. 

Dr Ulysses Dorotheo, Executive Director of SEATCA comments “We congratulate the Thai government for this important public health milestone and urge the Ministry of Public Health to strictly monitor compliance and impose penalties on tobacco companies that do not abide by the new law,"

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