Algorithm May Expose Thousands of Under-18s to Harmful Targeted Adverts

A recent study, conducted by the Guardian and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has revealed that Facebook has marked hundreds of thousands of children as “interested in” adverts about gambling and alcohol.

Facebook gains information from monitoring viewing activity and then advertisers distribute target messages to the groups of people who have been flagged as interested in the topic. However, Facebook denies allowing advertisers from alcohol companies to market products to young people. 

In a statement they said:

“We don’t allow ads that promote the sale of alcohol or gambling to minors on Facebook and we enforce against this activity when we find it. We also work closely with regulators to provide guidance for marketers to help them reach their audiences effectively and responsibly.”

Despite Facebooks pledge to protect young people from alcohol and gambling adverts, the social media company has faced criticism for grouping individuals based on viewing activity and a lax set of rules which can be bypassed by alcohol and gambling advertisers.

Follow the link below to read the full article. 

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