Myths about Drug Abuse

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Haider Ali Drug Free Nation Pakistan
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Myths About Drug Abuse

By Haider Ali

People adhered to different myths  regarding drug abuse problems. Some myths are culture or tradition related, some are deemed as demand of the situation and some of them are adhered according to own interest. More or less, all kinds of drugs have been associated with different kinds of myth. These myths are as follows;

Taking alcohol is permitted in my religion. There is no harm to use it in appropriate way

By taking this medicine I will be more energetic to study beyond my optimal level. I am medical student and need it a lot.

By taking cannabis, I can drive on long route. My duty is tough. I am a driver and can't afford to get tired and go for bed. Without taking cannabis, I will not be able to perform my duty well.

I have sleep problems and remain anxious because of stressful living environment. This medicine gives me relief and I go to bed easily.

I am a player. It is my compulsion to take cannabis and medicine. I feel more energetic and play well.

I am just abusing cannabis. It has negative effects on health but heroin is more dangerous. Only cannabis can not put me to death. I do job and leading a normal life. Heroin addicts need to be worried not cannabis users.

Everybody eats betel nut. It is not addiction. It is just a habit not as dangerous as you are saying. I am using it for last 3 years but still I am healthy.

Hukka (a traditional way of using tobacco) is healthy because it reduces gastric problem. Just taking cigarette is not dangerous. People from upper class, even professionals and highly qualified people use it. They are fit in their lives and profession

So, try to be alert. All kinds of addiction from betel nut to heroin are dangerous for health. Numerous pernicious effects are associated with that. Gradually and slowly, these drugs affect your health.

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