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Farrell, M., Martin, N. K., Stockings, E., Bórquez, A., Cepeda, J. A., Degenhardt, L., ... & Shoptaw, S. (2019). Responding to global stimulant use: challenges and opportunities. The Lancet.
stimulant drugs
drug dependence
drug harms

Responding to Global Stimulant Use: Challenges and Opportunities

Stimulants drugs increase the activity of the central nervous system producing feelings of euphoria, increased confidence, sociability, energy, and wakefulness. 

In a recent paper, published as part of the Lancet series on drug use, researchers from around the world have analysed the global use of cocaine and amphetamines. The paper examines the known harms linked with these particular stimulant drugs, and the effect of interventions to address these harms. 

The researchers provide an overview of both medicinal and extramedicinal stimulant use. They examine the prevalence of dependence and polydrug use, and describe the different ways these drugs can impact an individuals wellbeing.

Finally, the report provides a summary of the range and impact of different interventions that are designed to help individuals who are using stimulants drugs.

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