Prevention Plus Wellness Youth and Teacher Resources

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD
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Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) provides easy to use evidence-informed resources to help prevention and health specialists and parents prevent youth and young adult alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, e-cigarette, and opioid use while promoting protective wellness lifestyles.

Free Prevention Plus Wellness Youth and Teacher Resources address increasing and improving physical activity and sports participation, healthy nutrition, getting adequate sleep, controlling daily stress, setting and monitoring goals and spirituality, while understanding risks associated with substance use, including vaping e-cigarettes and using marijuana.

These resources include:

  • Prevention Plus Wellness Core Knowledge Training Webinar
  • Evidence-informed health behavior content and tools for prevention professionals and parents
  • Youth health behavior content, videos, PowerPoint slides and other resources
  • Youth assignments that can be completed in or outside of a classroom or home

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