Practicing or Just Preaching? Self-Care for Addiction Professionals: Why It Counts and How to Do It

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The principles of self-care are the same as for recovery, as exemplified by recovery-oriented systems of care.

These principles promote a person-centred, strengths-based approach that helps people marshal the individual, social, and environmental factors that support their well-being.

In this webinar, David Mee-Lee, MD and Dr. Deborah Teplow discussed the skills required to make lasting change.

Webinar Objectives:

  1. Define the principles of good self-care and their parallels to SAMHSA’s ten principles of recovery, particularly in the context of burnout.
  2. Apply three science-based strategies for making lasting change in your own life to reduce and/or prevent burnout.
  3. Review data from a pilot project that helped clinicians apply new change strategies in their own lives and improve outcomes for their clients.