Parenting under COVID-19

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Families across the globe are adapting to changes due to (COVID-19).

While isolation can represent an opportunity for families to spend time together, many caregivers will be experiencing conflicting feelings and priorities, as well as practical challenges.

UNODC has been strengthening family skills through different programmes in many countries across the globe, including families living in most challenged and highly stressful settings.

Relying on this experience, and in partnership with other UN agencies including WHO, UNICEF and the Partnership to End Violence Against Children, UNODC offers you this page, hosted on its flagship media platform ListenFirst, to help you as a caregiver with some tools to navigate this period.

Materials are available in several languages.

List of Materials

Parenting under COVID-19 

Parenting under COVID-19 

Parenting in refugee camps or crowded communities during COVID-19 (Leaflet)

Parenting Public Service Announcements Listen First 

WHO resources for parenting under COVID19 in partnership with UNODC, UNICEF and other partners on ending violence against children

UNICEF resources for parenting under COVID-19 

Leaders call for action to protect children from violence during COVID-19

Agenda for action of the inter-agency working group on violence against children

Story book for kids COVID-19

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