Video: Working Conditions in Quarantine, Pandemic and Addiction

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ISSUP Argentina
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ISSUP Argentina

On 22 May 2020, ISSUP Argentina collaborated with ISSUP Global to present a webinar on quarantined working conditions, pandemics and addictions.

Exhibitors: Dres. Roberto Canay and Ernesto Eduardo González
University of the Argentine Social Museum (UMSA)

Roberto y EduardoIn the early 2020s, with the COVID 19 pandemic and mandatory quarantine, there has been a large proliferation of workplace consequences and its new adaptation schemes, such as telework. This presentation documented the consequences and effects of these realities and how they affect workers, from an analysis perspective, with the aim of understanding how remote work is organized, when their working conditions are challenged by proposals that they proposed a change in traditional work. the consequences of problematic use of psychoactive substances under these conditions. We suggest that distance work programmes that promote changes in the work format should provide an accompaniment to the management of public or private companies that do not have preconditions that allow them appropriately and appropriately to appropriately appropriate the proposed innovations.

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