ATTC Ukraine and Central Asia- Women and Substance Use Disorders Webinar

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The effect of psychoactive substances on the human body has it’s gender differences. For example, alcohol dependence is a growing problem among women. Predisposition to alcoholism is higher in women primarily due to structural and physiological differences, they are more likely experience adverse effects, faster than men develop addiction to alcohol. There are also specific health risks associated only with women, such as fetal alcohol syndrome, breast cancer and others. In general, women more likely have stronger craving for psychoactive substances and more likely experience relapse. About all this, and gender differences of the development and course of addictions to psychoactive substances (nicotine, marijuana, psychostimulants, MDMA, opioids, sedatives) you can hear by watching this webinar.

Speaker: Olha Myshakivska, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Teaching assistant

The course was developed with the assistance of Ukraine Addiction Transfer Technology Center (I-ATTS).