Collaborations between government and civil society to address substance abuse prevention

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In this interesting webinar taught by Eric Siervo, Vice President of International Programs of cadca, Gustavo Ascacibar and Giovanna Vargas directors of the Peruvian organization CRESER, you will find information about the great work that has been done in Peru with the development of community coalitions with emphasis on collaborations between the government and civil society to address the prevention of substance abuse. They will talk about the CADCA model for community change, the role that coalitions play in realizing these changes and the history of the development of the coalition in Lima since 2005. Information will be provided on the definition of a municipal drug plan, its processes and products, the promotion of new municipal ordinances and review to implement improvements, as well as share the achievements of Peruvian coalitions highlighting the key elements of their success in successful collaborations with the government.

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