WEBINAR | Does the Word Really Matter? Communication Campaigns and Substance Use Disorders

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ISSUP India held a Webinar presented by Mr. William D. Crano on Substance Use Disorder and Behaviour Change Communication. 

Time: 1st October 9:30am IST / 30th September 9:00pm PDT

Over the years, the intersection of communication campaigns and public health at large, have grown. Almost every major health intervention used employs a communication campaign to spread the message and awareness to the masses. How much do they really create awareness? Does media campaigns takeaway the merit of actual work being done on the ground and most importantly, are they really effective? These are the questions of which answers we will seek.

This webinar attempts to understand the effectiveness of mass media and communication campaigns to reduce the use of substances among people.

Learning Outcomes:
- Explore the effectiveness of Communication Campaigns
- Discuss how to improve communication aspect while preventing and treating SUDs


Mr. William D. Crano

Oskamp Professor of Social Psychology and Director
Health Psychology and Prevention Science Institute
Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences
Department of Psychology
Claremont Graduate University

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