Worker wellbeing

Created by
Network of Alcohol & other Drugs Agencies (NADA)

Taking care of your health is important no matter what you do for a living. But when it comes to AOD work it’s all the more important. Working in the AOD sector can be very rewarding but the passion and dedication that drives many who work in AOD sector can potentially lead to stress, burnout and even ‘compassion fatigue’ if not accompanied by solid self-care strategies.

Designed for the non government AOD sector, NADA’s worker wellbeing resources ask workers to invest as much time and care looking after their health as they do others. The resources currently include:

  • Coping with stress and uncertainty during COVID-19 [eLearning]
  • Well beings: Tips and tricks to reduce stress and enhance health and wellbeing [video]
  • How are you going and The ABCs of self-care [posters]
  • ProQOL [survey] and Worker self-care check [online surveys]
  • Workplace wellbeing health check [online survey] and policy template


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