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Drink Wise, Age Well

The Drink Wise, Age Well programme supported people to make healthier choices about alcohol as they age.

The programme was designed to change attitudes, combat stigma and reduce alcohol harm in the over 50s so they can live longer, healthier lives.

To achieve this, the programme focused on four outcomes:

  • Raising awareness and changing attitudes about alcohol use in people over 50, influencing community norms about the use of alcohol
  • Increasing individual and community resilience in people over 50, reducing alcohol-related harm in this age group
  • Helping community service providers and employers to recognise and respond to risky drinking in people over 50
  • Publishing a body of evidence on preventing problem alcohol use in people over 50 which will inform future prevention work in the UK and internationally

The Drink Wise, Age website contains resources for practitioners that present the research, recommendations and advice that has been developed through the Drink Wise, Age Well programme.