The Drug Wheel


The Drugs Wheel can be used as a training tool and as a game for use in training or 1:1 sess­ions. There are free ver­sions of each to download on this site, as well as a range of other resources. When using the Drugs Wheel, please bear in mind the following: 

The inner and outer rings of the Wheel allow for drugs to be split into further sec­tions: they can be adap­ted for use in your own country or organ­is­ation, for exam­ple they could refer to pres­cribed or non-pres­cribed drugs, or levels of risk. 

The issue of prescription drugs is also a topic of discussion when using the Wheel; how these drugs can have rec­rea­tional uses and how their legal status changes depending on whether they have been prescribed for the person taking them.

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