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Prof. Tim Laurens
drug testing

Forensic testing for alcohol and drugs in relation to substance abuse detection and validation

Substance abuse detection is of prime importance in modern-day life due to the ever-increasing demands and pressure on society. Various resources are available to gather information on an individual’s substance use habits – one of them being chemical detection.  The information that emanates from chemical detection supplements the “diagnostic paradigm” in identifying substance abuse, and should be appreciated and considered within the framework of advantages and limitations of current science. It is essential for a substance abuse professional to note the scientific techniques and protocols to analyse human biological matrices such as urine, blood, and hair when interpreting the test results. Armed with this knowledge at the interface of human behaviour- and natural sciences, substance abuse professionals, will be better equipped to make the challenging decisions in a scientifically, ethically and legally correct fashion – legally defensible decisions.

Ms. Maraliese Jordaan
Managing Director, Forensic Toxicology Laboratory, (Pty) Ltd. 
BSc (Phys); BSc(Hons)(Chem Path) (Cum Laude); MSc(Chem Path) (Cum Laude).
Dr. Tim Laurens
Director, Forensic Toxicology Laboratory, (Pty) Ltd 
BSc(Ed); BSc(Hons); MSc(Chem); MSc(Appl Tox); MPhil (Med Law), PhD(Chem); PhD(Med Law).    


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