The Impact of Sport and Sport-based Interventions in Preventing Youth Violence, Crime and Drug Use

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Sport can be a powerful tool to engage communities and prevent crime, violence and drug use among youth. As part of the Doha Declaration Global Programme, UNODC’s Youth Crime Prevention through Sport initiative has developed “Line Up Live Up”, an evidence-informed, sport-based life skills training for youth that aims to increase resilience to crime, violence and drug use among young people.

Providing key elements from this approach, a new publication – Youth Crime prevention through Sport: Insights from the UNODC “Line Up Live Up” Pilot Programme – has been developed, offering an analysis of monitoring and evaluation data collected during the pilot phase of the programme (2017-2019), and the two impact assessment studies conducted in South Africa and Brazil, thereby contributing to building the evidence base on the use of sport to reduce violence.

The following is from the virtual launch of the publication in January 2021, with interventions from States, academia, civil society and UNODC. Visit for more and to download this new resource.

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