The Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

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ISSUP is pleased to present a webinar with Khary Rigg, Ph.D. and Kelly Miller, NTMC., on The Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery. The goal of this presentation is to summarize the connection between substance use disorder (SUD) and nutrition to help guide treatment providers and increase awareness of the importance of nutrition in treatment outcomes.

Learning outcomes:

The presentation will describe the nutritional consequences associated with SUD, discuss the role that nutrition can play in SUD treatment/recovery, and will recommend nutritional interventions that might aid in the treatment of SUD.


Khary Rigg, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mental Health Law & Policy at the University of South Florida. He is a behavioral health services and policy researcher with over 15 years of experience studying substance use disorders. He earned his Ph.D. from University of Miami and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in health services research at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Dr. Rigg also has appointments in the Department of Sociology and the Florida Mental Health Institute. His studies generate findings that support effective clinical practice across healthcare and community settings. A common theme throughout his work is a concern for the health and well-being of people with addictive disorders. 

Kelly Miller, NTMC, is a Nutritional Therapist and owner of The Addiction Nutritionist LLC. Kelly owns and operates a virtual nutrition practice that serves both individuals in recovery from SUD as well as treatment professionals. She developed the PAWS Protocol, a nutritional intervention designed to meet the unique needs of individuals in recovery. She provides nutrition coaching, psychoeducation and training for clinicians on how to improve recovery outcomes by implementing the PAWS Protocol into their programming. Kelly also sits on the Board of STIGMA, a non-profit that serves those experiencing hunger, homelessness and addiction. She is dedicated to educating professionals on the importance of using evidence based nutritional therapy in their practices.

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