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ISSUP Italy would like to invite you to attend their upcoming Launch Event. The Launch will centre on the theme 'Challenges and Perspectives in Addictions'.

The official language of the launch will be Italian. Simultaneous Italian / English translation will be available.


  • Giorgio De Cristoforo, President Casa Rosetta
  • Liliana La Sala, Directorate General for Prevention, Office for Addiction Prevention, Doping and Mental Health, Ministry of Health
  • Livia Edegger, Deputy Director, ISSUP Global
  • Brian Morales, Branch Chief, Counternarcotics, Office of Global Programs and Policy, INL Bureau at U.S. Department of State
  • Thom Browne, Chief Executive Officer at the Colombo Plan Secretariat
  • Jeff Lee, Senior Consultant ISSUP
  • Kirsty Fitzpatrick, Coordinator ISSUP ISSUP

Italy: The First Steps

  • Pina Frazzica, Executive Director, ISSUP Italy
  • Gilberto Gerra, President, Steering Council, ISSUP Italy

Our Vision

  • Rachele Donini, Director Prevention
  • Massimo Barra, Director Outreaching care
  • Guido Faillace,  Director Scientific Communities
  • Giovanna Garofalo, Director Training
  • Fabbio Lugoboni, Director Hospital care, Vice President of Steering Council
  • Umberto Nizzoli, Director Specialist care
  • Lorenzo Somaini, Quantitative Research and Scientific evidence  
  • Luciano Squillaci, Director  Therapeutic Communities
  • Sarah Vecchio, Director, Toxicology
  • Lorenzo Zamboni, Director, Scientific communication

Evidence and Global Perspectives

  • Giovanna Campello: Global perspectives on the prevention and treatment of drug-related disorders
  • Marica Ferri: A European look at the main problems related to the use of illicit substances and an overview of interventions based on scientific evidence
  • Elisabetta Simeoni: The Department of Anti-Drug Policies: vision, objectives, programs
  • Pietro Canuzzi: Primary prevention strategies in behavioral addictions in the youth population
  • Massimo Clerici: Comorbidity between mental disorders and substance use in Italy: a cross fate or a missed integration
  • Icro Maremmani: Addiction medicine: towards its independent academic status


  • Franca Beccaria: Young people and alcohol, new scenarios in Italy
  • Paolo Jarre: The gambling disorder: state of play and critical issues in Italy
  • Don Giulio Dellavite: Spirituality and addictions, in search of values


Pina Frazzica, Rachele Donini, Fabio Lugoboni


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